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The 10th anniversary celebration of the establishment of Deji machinery Langfang factory was held

the 10th anniversary celebration of the establishment of Deji machinery Langfang factory in a car was held

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on December 28, 2016, the 10th anniversary celebration of the establishment of Deji machinery Langfang factory was grandly held in Langfang city

the leaders of Deji machinery company and all colleagues raised a glass to celebrate

ten years ago, Deji machinery chose Langfang as the site of the company's relocation and established Langfang Deji. Since then, Langfang Deji has become the home of all colleagues - a home to work together, get along with and live together every day. Now, this big family has officially accompanied us for ten years and witnessed the extraordinary development of Deji. Over the past ten years, market changes and personnel changes are inevitable, but the mood of Deji people to love this family has not lost with the years. Instead, like wine, akro-plastic company 1 has been committed to independently developing plastic composite solutions for a long time

after ten years of development, we have found a way: production needs the escort of safety, profit is the blood of development, quality is the life of the enterprise, reputation is a precious wealth, and the road of "integrity, innovation, responsibility and win-win" has led us to success. Be not afraid of difficulties and move forward bravely; Pursue perfection and never stop

CAI Qunli, general manager of Deji machinery, commended excellent employees

in order to commend excellence, encourage innovation, and motivate employees to strive for excellence, employees with outstanding performance in 2016 were commended and rewarded on the occasion of the 10th anniversary celebration of Langfang work

CAI Qunli, general manager of Deji machinery, awarded the ten-year long service award

in the decades of development of Deji, some people chose to work behind the scenes and contribute silently; Someone stepped onto the stage and shouldered the burden of Deji development. They encouraged each other, worked hard all the way, passed the test, accompanied the Deji team to achieve good results, and left a significant mark in the development history of Deji

CAI Hongneng, chairman of Deji machinery, awarded the 15 year long service award

he was already the founder in his prime, and he was still a pioneer in his seventies. This is a foreigner who has seen the wind and sand in Yongqing, and also a builder who has witnessed the ten-year historical journey of Deji machinery Langfang factory. Without their first shovel of soil in those years, there would be no Langfang factory now

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time is like water and time is like a song. Ten years ago, Deji people stepped on the vision of winter and took root in Yongqing with the hope of spring. Deji is like a young plant full of growth. Ten years later, it has grown into a towering tree, with luxuriant leaves, flowers and fruits

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ten years of sharpening a sword, now ready to start again. After ten years of development, Deji people have been forging ahead and never forgotten their original intention. What do we believe the composition of Deji hydraulic universal experimental machine will be like in the future? Is there anything special? Base people will create greater glory

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