The 10th anniversary celebration of the Songjiang

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Dow Corning Songjiang plant ushered in the 10th anniversary celebration

Shanghai, China - on June 3, 2008, Dow Corning, the global leader in silicone technology and innovation, today held a celebration for the 10th anniversary of its Shanghai Songjiang plant. The nearly 200 guests of this celebration included Dow Corning customers, business partners, government officials, national and local media, and Dow Corning employees

as the leading production base invested and constructed by Dow Corning in China, the Songjiang plant of Dow Corning (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. located in Shanghai Songjiang Industrial Park was founded in 1997. The past decade has witnessed the continuous expansion and development of Dow Corning Songjiang plant. So far, in addition to production facilities, other major investment projects of Dow Corning in Songjiang factory also include:

R & D facilities: providing support for Dow Corning's scientific and technological research and development in China

China Application Technology Service Center: providing organic silicon application technology, product development and processing technology services

China Technology Information Center: serving customers all over Asia. The center continues to increase its technical support to Asian markets and customers by providing application design and troubleshooting services, product data sheets, product recommendations, technical knowledge, document references, dealer recommendations and other services

"China is now, and will always be, one of Dow Corning's most important markets (3) the first special action to comprehensively carry out the transformation and upgrading of safe production in the chemical industry is also the driving force for our future development," said Tom cook, vice president of Dow Corning worldwide, vice president of Asia and President of Greater China, at the 10th anniversary celebration of Songjiang factory. "Dow Corning has been in China for more than 30 years. So far, we have invested more than four companies in China to build and improve the infrastructure to provide services to local customers through product and technology innovation of US $170 million. Our goal here is to listen to and understand the needs of local customers, use 'made in China' products to serve the Chinese market, and accurately meet their needs Please. "

this 12 hectare Songjiang factory is organically combined with Dow Corning's world-class manufacturing base in Zhangjiagang. The latter includes Dow Corning's largest siloxane plant in China, which was jointly built by Dow Corning and its partners with an investment of more than 600 million US dollars, and Dow Corning's own downstream plant under construction

"the potential of silicone is almost unlimited, which can improve, improve and create a better quality of life. As a global leader in silicone technology and its innovation field, Dow Corning has always been committed to the development, production and application of wonderful silicone, benefiting every person in the world. In 2021, the global smart home market will reach US $79.3 billion." Tim dyste, director of Dow Corning Songjiang factory, said. "Organosilicon products produced by Dow Corning Songjiang factory can appear in many forms, such as emulsion, amino polymer, solvent based coating, electronic grade sealant and adhesive, and are widely used in many important industries in China, such as electronics, papermaking, coating, beauty and personal care."

in general, silicone is leading the lifestyle of the electronic age in a variety of ways Silicone is used in the manufacture of wireless computers and smart cards. High performance materials made of organosilicon technology are entering today's increasingly demanding electronic and electrical fields. Silicone can seal and protect extremely sensitive circuits, semiconductors and equipment from heat, pollution and accidental damage, and help ensure the continuous supply of electricity

organosilicon is also an important functional component in personal care and household products. It can ensure that some products can still maintain their quality and effect for a long time after purchase. Silicone enhances the performance of personal care products we use every day, from color cosmetics to sunscreen, from hair care products to antiperspirants, all of which benefit from silicone. In addition, with silicone, some household products such as detergents, fabric softeners, kitchen and bathroom cleaners, polishes and waxes will also become more supple, effective and beautiful

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