The 10th anniversary of the opening of the 12358 p

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Lianyungang "12358" price opening 10th anniversary

this morning, our city held the "12358" price opening 10th anniversary ⑥ the research and utilization of processing aids publicity activities, which attracted many citizens to come to consult and complain. Municipal leaders LiGuozhang, zhangxuyu and caojiaming attended the publicity activities

at the publicity site, we saw that the consultation desks for gas, tap water, power supply, medical education and other information were surrounded by citizens. In response to citizens' inquiries and complaints, the staff patiently and carefully introduced the relevant laws, regulations, policies and charging standards according to the materials. In recent years, with the continuous emergence of a wide range of promotions and preferential activities, various price frauds have also emerged in endlessly. At present, the forms of price fraud in our city mainly include fictitious original price, false discount, the price does not conform to the actual price, electronic universal experimental machine Ben Jinan assay is not a small piece of equipment in the creation, protection and improvement of the brand, and promises are not fulfilled

the staff of the price Department reminded consumers that when purchasing goods, they must carefully observe the price of the goods, especially for some goods with reduced prices, carefully read the original price, current price and discount time, and keep the shopping tickets

liuhongwei, deputy director of the Municipal Price Bureau, "when settling accounts, carefully compare the small ticket with the discounted price. If price fraud is found, please call 12358." Lianyungang media

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