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Technology is the driving force for the machine tool industry to move towards high-end

in 2012, China's machine tool industry continued the downward trend that began in the second half of 2011, the growth rate continued to slow down, and the domestic market was depressed. According to the statistics of new orders of key contact enterprises (some) of China Machine Tool Industry Association, the downward pressure on the operation trend is still great. As of December 2012, the new orders have been negative growth for 19 consecutive months, and the annual orders on hand have also been negative growth year-on-year. The market situation is still grim

however, China's imports of machine tool products remained high in 2012. Metal cutting machine tools are the absolute main force in all kinds of imported products of machine tools, with a year-on-year increase of 6.03%; The import of forming machine tools, numerical control devices, cutting tools and parts showed negative growth year on year. Machining centers, grinders, special processing machines and lathes rank among the top four in the import of all kinds of metal processing machines

no breakthrough has been made in terms of machine tool shafts. At present, the most domestic machine tools can only achieve six shafts at most. Many breakthrough products have not been fully localized, but experts predict that this situation will be a major breakthrough in the next few years. The reasons are: first, the industrial process of automation in China will further drive the growth and technological progress of the machine tool industry market; Second, the machine tool industry has been clearly included in the high-end manufacturing plan of the 12th Five Year Plan. The wear performance of single or multiple steel wire friction pairs, steel pipe friction pairs, and rubber tube friction pairs has been evaluated, and the plan of the NC generation is being promoted. For fear of poor contact between the sample and the anvil, the machine tool industry will make great progress

it is an inevitable trend for the development of the industry to revitalize the machine tool manufacturing industry and promote its internationalization. The year 2013 is a key year for China to thoroughly implement the service plan for industrial transformation and upgrading - the cloud and water plan and the development plan for strategic emerging industries. The high-end machine tool manufacturing industry will usher in an important period of development opportunities. With the encouragement and support of national policies, machine tool enterprises should strengthen differentiated competitive advantages to stabilize the market share they have obtained. Only enterprises with differentiated competitive advantages in cost, technology, sales channels and services can occupy a dominant position in the fierce market competition in the future. In the selection of specific investment targets, we should focus on the safety margin and some emerging high-end manufacturing fields with high growth potential

as China's medium and low-end industries have entered the stage of brand fighting during the 12th Five Year Plan period, and the profits continue to decrease, entering the high end is a problem that every cutting-edge enterprise must face if it simply seeks to advance at a low price. With the increasing competition in the industry, there will be a new leap forward development in the expansion of scale, technological upgrading, and the development of the machine tool industry, which will help to eliminate backward production capacity and optimize the industrial structure. During this period, a new round of reshuffle of the machine tool industry will help to form a new situation of national support, industry association leadership, and joint breakthrough of enterprises

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