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Focus on science and technology in 2019: IBM 2019 innovation and open day focused cloud computing and artificial intelligence

focus on science and technology in 2019: IBM 2019 innovation and open day focused cloud computing and artificial intelligence

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original title: focus on science and technology in 2019: IBM 2019 innovation and open day focused cloud computing and artificial intelligence

october 23, 2019, The annual IBM Greater China Innovation and opening day was held in Beijing with the theme of "blue ocean exploration, win-win and boundless". It showed the latest technical solutions of IBM, such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, modern infrastructure, 5g, and nearly 60 cases put on display by the technical expert team; Combined with the landing applications in manufacturing, finance, medical treatment, automobile, communication and other industries, with the help of the on-site interactive laboratory, it immersively presents the enterprise cloud application construction, AI open source tool set to achieve AI fairness, openshift distributed training, etc., and deeply explains how IBM helps customers transform from traditional it architecture to cloud computing and the digital reconstruction of cognitive enterprises. The participation of customers, business partners, technical experts and IBM employees has created an open and boundless innovation day

Chen liming, chairman of IBM Greater China, said in his welcome speech: "the development of any science and technology will go through the process of incubation, development, maturity and recession, and products have their life cycle. IBM has used 108 years of history to verify that its viability, development ability and innovation ability are still strong." He mentioned that for three consecutive years since 2017, IBM has been rated by IDC as "the number one service provider in the global AI market"; In the field of cloud computing, it is impossible to obtain the maximum load Pb and therefore the strength limit σ B BNP Paribas, home trust, Aegean Airlines and other enterprises have chosen IBM public 3 computing density cloud as their key business load platform, which means that the openness and security of IBM public cloud has been recognized by these industry customers who pay attention to customer experience and are highly regulated

according to Gartner statistics, it is expected that 37% of enterprises will adopt AI technology in 2019, with a growth rate of 270%. Without safety problems per capita, AI will become the most important disruptive force for organizational change in 2019. Enterprises need to use new technology to create value and complete digital remodeling. Thinking about cutting-edge technology and business trends is the most simple culture in IBM

Xiedong, vice president of IBM and CTO of Greater China, said that this innovation and open day has built an open and interactive technology exchange and cooperation platform, welcoming customers, partners and IBM employees. Such openness and boundlessness is aimed at creating more opportunities for communication and knowledge sharing, and helping enterprises explore the blue ocean of digital transformation

nearly 60 exhibition cases on this open day are divided into several exhibition areas, including cloud computing and artificial intelligence, infrastructure, 5g and other solutions, representing the technological frontier explored by IBM in related fields

cloud computing and artificial intelligence exhibition area: open the second chapter of digitalization

with the completion of the acquisition of red hat, IBM will fully release the value of hybrid cloud and lay a solid foundation for helping enterprises rebuild and realize cognitive enterprises through digitalization, which will become the second chapter of the cloud era. Cloud computing is not only the guarantee for enterprises to improve the flexibility of infrastructure, but also ensures the high availability of enterprise systems. In the exhibition area of cloud computing, IBM showed enterprises the software and hardware solutions needed at all stages of the cloud road from the existing traditional IT architecture to cloud service architecture. In the artificial intelligence exhibition area, the practical applications of finance, medical treatment, manufacturing, cross industry general solutions and so on show the scientific and technological charm of constantly mining commercial and social values

key demonstration cases include:

linuxone cloud integration scheme: containerization, rapid installation, batch deployment of partitions and Linux systems

can realize full stack management, including linuxone partitions, Linux system deployment, San switches, exterior decoration layers should adopt paint or colored mortar and automatic management of storage, and integrate open source monitoring schemes. This scheme helps customers easily manage all linuxone resources within the enterprise, and provides an end-to-end landing scheme for enterprises on the cloud. The scheme is applied to one of the largest insurance companies and well-known cloud manufacturers in China

use red hat openshift container cloud to accelerate application development and deployment

by using red hat openshift container cloud, developers can pay more attention to business application development without considering how to build and test the environment, so that operation and maintenance personnel can expand the system more conveniently to cope with the rapid expansion of business and improve the utilization of infrastructure. At the same time, it is easy to realize continuous integration/continuous deployment, and deploy to the container cloud with one click

financial digital intelligence - a financial technology platform built by using data virtualization and machine learning

make full use of the ability of cloud Pak for data data virtualization and machine learning to build a financial technology platform integrating financial data collection, financial data governance, financial data analysis and real-time financial insight for the microfinance business of financial enterprises; It can quickly obtain the latest business insight, improve financial business, and effectively prevent potential financial risks

AI driven intelligent operation and maintenance (AI for cloud/it operations)

a highly available, highly consistent, flexible and scalable intelligent operation and maintenance analysis and decision-making platform based on AI and dynamic map computing, which adopts micro service architecture and dynamic service scheduling technology, reuses cognitive operation and maintenance analysis capabilities to the greatest extent, and quickly customizes various scenarios of intelligent operation and maintenance, so as to realize intelligent anomaly early warning, problem location, root cause identification Automatic repair

wmla information server

csl wmla team has released a very forward-looking elastic reasoning platform EDI, which is compatible with a large number of open source software interfaces, so that customers' AI models can be seamlessly migrated and deployed; At the same time, it provides the ability of high throughput, low latency and high scalability to meet the real-time response to thousands of AI reasoning requests, so as to smoothly let AI move from model to production

cognitive visual inspection

the system uses image feature processing and deep cognitive analysis technology to automatically identify, classify and further analyze quality defects, effectively reduce labor costs, greatly improve the efficiency and consistency of quality inspection process, support convenient data marking and management, powerful model training and assembly, and comprehensive inspection result confirmation and correction, It can be seamlessly integrated with production systems to help enterprises move towards intelligent manufacturing

customized all-in-one machine, "out of the box" Ai solution (openpower AI)

ibm, IPS and partners such as Baidu, Gaozhong, and Shennao cloud jointly build industry-leading "out of the box" solutions, covering deep learning training platforms, reasoning platforms, and education platforms. Power9 processors are used to support nvlink, PCIe gen4 and other high-speed buses to help customers easily process larger data sets and more complex models, Greatly improve the speed and accuracy of training and reasoning

precise chronic disease management

relying on AI technologies such as machine learning, data mining, deep learning and natural language processing, IBM China Research Institute provides a cloud based SaaS model to assist doctors in prevention, treatment, prognosis and lifestyle intervention from the perspective of disease progression and correlation; At the same time, enable clinical researchers to carry out data-based medical evidence discovery, accelerate scientific research innovation, achieve accurate chronic disease management, and help healthy China

industry ecological cloud platform solution

with the API and publishing function of the ecological cloud platform API store, industry capabilities and models can be published as API services on the platform, which are open to all users to subscribe to; With the help of the app store of the ecological cloud platform, the whole life cycle management of the app is completed to achieve ecological win-win

Infrastructure Exhibition Area

to meet the "stringent requirements" of enterprise business continuity, highly available modern infrastructure is essential. The open day showed the latest technological progress of high availability of IBM system, including host continuous availability solution and IBM I dual active solution

host continuous availability solution (and dual active solution)

based on the asynchronous replication technology of database software, through automatic monitoring and transaction load balancing tools, business continuous availability under the dual site and dual sysplex architecture over a long distance is realized. At present, combined with the multi-objective synchronous replication technology of disk, many components such as host operating system, database, software data replication and automatic switching have been optimized to ensure zero data loss of dual active sites in extreme scenarios such as disasters, and fully meet customers' stringent requirements for business continuity

5g and other solutions exhibition area

in the 5g exhibition area, cloud platform, edge computing, IOT related industry applications represent the latest achievements and thinking of IBM. Moreover, IBM's solution is not only in the enterprise's IT architecture, but also can benefit other departments of the enterprise

Artificial Intelligence Application Based on 5g highway

with the development of 5g, the density of highway monitoring will increase, and the computer cluster managed by AI acceleration platform can process hundreds of HD camera video streams in real time. While meeting the demanding challenges of high throughput, the platform also provides a perfect high availability mechanism to ensure the continuous efficiency and stability of the system and create a more intelligent and efficient highway

research and development data management of smart car

smart car will produce a large amount of test data in development. Through IBM smart car data management solution, 5g can be used to transmit a large amount of car data to the enterprise background at high speed; At the same time, it supports the establishment of automated workflow to mark, arrange, model, analyze and display car service data in different formats, so as to help enterprises make more efficient use of smart car research and development data

hr assets human resources solutions

with the help of IBM's many years of professional practice in the HR field and the industry-leading AI technology, the human resources solutions of IBM China Development Laboratory (CDL) use AI technology to intelligently analyze and screen resumes and quickly locate target talents; With the help of knowledge map and deep learning technology, more human-computer dialogues and robot process automation scenarios can be realized to promote the efficiency of human resources

as the global patent leader for 26 consecutive years, IBM's source of scientific and technological innovation has never dried up. On the way to help enterprises meet the transformation of Digital 2.0, IBM is willing to explore the blue ocean and win-win with enterprises and partners

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