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How to improve the process technology of carton product quality

carton is the outer packaging of goods. It is a kind of paper container commonly used in commercial and economic activities. On the one hand, it plays a role in protecting goods and facilitating transportation. On the other hand, it can visually identify the commodity name, quantity, manufacturer and other general situation in the container, which has a simple, economic and practical packaging effect. Therefore, it is of great significance to improve the qualification rate of carton product quality, effectively promote the promotion of goods, meet the use requirements of customers, and improve the economic benefits of enterprises. We must pay attention to strengthening the source control of product quality and strictly control the raw materials in order to ensure the quality of carton production. We know that the quality of raw materials directly affects the processing quality of carton products. It can be said that raw materials are the source link of carton product quality control, which is very important. Among them, the quality of adhesives and base paper has a great impact on the quality of carton products. Adhesive (commonly known as glue) is an important raw material for corrugated board mounting. Its quality status is an important link to determine the mounting quality of paperboard products. The main material of adhesive is starch. The fineness of starch, the content of protein and fat will affect the performance of adhesive. If the starch with poor quality is used, such as when the protein and fat content in the starch is too high, and the fineness of the starch is lower than a certain amount, although the oxidation degree is very high during production, the viscosity at the time of discharge is generally only more than 20 seconds. After a few days of storage, the glue will become thicker, making it lose its due fluidity, and the foam is also large when used, which will affect the uniformity and viscosity of glue coating. If such an adhesive is used to mount cardboard, It is prone to foaming, degumming and poor bonding quality problems. In addition, the technical indicators of base paper also affect the processing quality of corrugated board. Among them, the ring compression strength, quantitative, moisture content, bursting index, folding resistance and water absorption of corrugated paper and carton board directly affect the strength and quality of corrugated box molding. Therefore, according to the actual situation of the enterprise, it is worthwhile to properly purchase some necessary testing instruments, conduct acceptance according to the quality standards of raw materials, and carry out effective inspection and control on the raw materials in storage. Through the implementation of inspection and control measures, the quality of raw materials can be scientifically and accurately tested, unqualified raw materials can be fundamentally eliminated, the processing quality of carton products can be ensured, and the source quality link of production can be effectively controlled. Bing aluminum processing enterprises have begun to develop from a single-sided raw material supplier to a solution provider. They must pay attention to strengthening the quality control of the corrugated board processing process, controlling the single-sided machine to prevent dust from entering the internal production process, and ensuring the processing quality of corrugated board. The quality of corrugated board produced by single-sided machine will directly affect the overall compressive strength of the carton. The process practice shows that the speed of single-sided machine Temperature and adhesive have great influence on the processing quality of corrugated board. If the speed of the single-sided machine is too fast or too slow, it will affect the hardness and bonding strength of the cardboard to the hydraulic system of the pressure testing machine. Especially when the moisture content of the base paper is high, and the production speed of the machine is too fast, it is easy to reduce the bonding effect and molding hardness of the paperboard due to the short preheating time and the short time of receiving glue on the corrugated peak. If the machine speed is too slow, the heating time of the paperboard will be relatively longer, and the paperboard will be easy to become brittle, and too high temperature will make the adhesive cure too early, affecting the bonding quality effect, all of which will reduce the strength of the paperboard. Therefore, the production speed of the machine should be based on the temperature and humidity of the production site, the moisture content of the base paper, the preheating area and the temperature, which can be used for a long time under the temperature of more than 180 ℃, and should be comprehensively considered and reasonably mastered, so as to better ensure the production quality of corrugated board. In the production process, we should also pay attention to controlling the appropriate amount of glue, grasp the relationship between machine speed and steam pressure, temperature and adhesive coating amount, and prevent the occurrence of blistering, false glue and degumming of corrugated board, so as to better improve the strength of corrugated boxes. Reasonably control and select the good base paper to improve the processing strength of the paperboard. Corrugated paperboard is generally composed of kraft paperboard or carton board bonded with corrugated paper or carton board. If the moisture content between them is too large, then after absorbing the adhesive and heating, the expansion and contraction of the paper will also be significantly different, which is easy to cause the curl of the paperboard and reduce the strength of the carton. Therefore, before the web paper is put into the machine, it is best to detect the moisture content of the base paper first, and try to choose kraft cardboard or carton board with similar moisture content for production together with corrugated paper or carton board, so as to prevent the paperboard from curling. In addition, the quality of the base paper used in the corrugated layer has a great impact on the overall compressive strength of the carton. Therefore, in order to improve the compressive strength of the carton, special attention must be paid to selecting corrugated paper or carton board paper with high ring pressure index as the paper for the corrugated layer, which can greatly improve the compressive strength of the carton. Control the paperboard mounting quality and prevent the occurrence of bonding quality failure. Only when corrugated paperboard and face paper reach a uniform and flat mounting state and make the paperboard stick into a solid overall structure, can the compressive strength of the carton be better improved. To control the mounting process technology well is to select and deploy adhesives to make the viscosity, fluidity and other properties of adhesives adapt to the machine characteristics (including speed, structure, etc.) and the temperature and humidity of the production environment. In addition, according to the characteristics of the product, select the corresponding machine for mounting production, which is conducive to preventing foaming, degumming, fake glue and poor bonding quality problems. The production process should be arranged scientifically and reasonably, and the inspection of the production process should be done well. When the quantity of white board paper is high and the thickness is large, if the mounting machine is improperly selected, foaming and degumming are easy to occur in the mounting process, especially for the face paper with calendering process. Due to the poor flatness of the paper surface, the paperboard after mounting is not well compacted and flattened, It is difficult to get good adhesion between whiteboard and corrugated board, which is easy to cause local paper surface (uplift) foaming or degumming. According to our production process experience and experience, the thick, hard and calendered white board should be mounted on the full-automatic overlaying machine, because the structural advantages of the machine and the high viscosity of the glue used can better ensure the flat mounting of face paper and corrugated board, and make the board bond firmly. The glue used by semi-automatic and manual overlays is relatively low, which is more suitable for mounting thin and soft white board paper. This arrangement of production operations is conducive to ensuring product quality and making full and effective use of production equipment. In addition to scientifically and reasonably arranging the production process, quality inspection in the production process is also an important part to ensure product quality. In the corrugated board mounting production process, we should mainly pay attention to the inspection of glue viscosity, because once the glue has a problem, it will cause a large number of bad products or waste products. For the semi-finished paperboard after trial mounting, the "tear off method" can be used for inspection, that is, tear off the face paper from the corrugated to observe the bonding strength, from which we can judge whether the viscosity, thickness, uniformity and roll clearance of the glue and the adjustment of other parts of the machine have reached a more appropriate level. Through the inspection of the production process, problems can be found and corrected in time to ensure the mounting quality of corrugated board. We must pay attention to the technical control of the printing process of the product, and the technical control of the plate mounting process. For the process of directly printing corrugated board, the flatness of the printing plate is very important. How the flatness of the printing plate directly affects the printing quality of the corrugated paper plate. Therefore, before sticking the plate, the plate base of the printing plate should be cleaned to prevent local plate thickening due to the adhesion of foreign matters. If several small pieces of plates are made sporadically for splicing printing because of the large blank area in the layout, the plates of the same batch should be made to prevent different batches

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