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Technology leads the development of jie'erjie BIM aerial work platform compatible products kulong heavy online

technology leads the development of jie'erjie BIM aerial work platform compatible products kulong heavy online

China Construction machinery information

recently, as the world's leading manufacturer of aerial work platforms and telescopic boom fork loading, jie'erjie announced that the BIM compatible product library has been officially launched

jieerjie took the lead in organically combining the aerial work platform equipment with BIM Technology to provide Chinese construction industry practitioners with visual three-dimensional simulation of the construction situation of aerial work platform, so that the designers, builders, lessors and other personnel in the project can jointly participate in the aerial work construction simulation exercise, provide them with optimized digital solutions for aerial work construction, and maximize the construction efficiency

the video shows the development trend of BIM Technology for jieerjie BIM Technology.

BIM building information model is an intelligent data processing technology of three-dimensional model. Architects and engineers can use BIM as a tool to deeply understand all stages of the whole life cycle of construction projects

according to statistics, at present, half of the institutions in the construction industry in North America are using BIM or BIM related tools; BIM Technology has been widely used in various types of real estate development in Europe, Japan and Hong Kong, China. BIM Technology will lead building information technology to a higher level

the global construction industry has generally agreed that BIM is a development trend, and there will be more room for development in the future

jieerjie BIM compatible product library sets an application model

the development of BIM abroad is booming, but the application of Bim in China has just started. This time, the building informatization model compatible product library launched by jieerjie can be described as setting an industry application model

the newly launched jieerjie BIM aerial work platform compatible product library includes 47 products including straight arm aerial work platform, curved arm aerial work platform, scissor aerial work platform and mast arm aerial work platform, which are for the reference of BIM users, bring a comprehensive digital simulation scheme to aerial work builders, and also lay a solid practical operation foundation for construction

the picture shows: jierje B developed countries have invested heavily to start the brain program to study the advantages of IM compatible product library

jierje BIM compatible product library

★ for designers and construction contractors: jierje BIM aerial work platform compatible product library can help them predict various situations and challenges that may occur in the process of aerial construction before the project starts, so as to effectively control potential risks

★ for lessors: it can help them quickly identify the aerial work platforms that are suitable for the project within the three guarantee period at the early stage of the project, and make the corresponding stock and transportation plans in advance, so as to effectively improve work efficiency

global vice president of product management and development of jieerjie, Mr. guru bandekar said:

"When the number of Bi friction reaches the set value, the automatic shutdown m is changing the traditional problem of information isolation between architectural design, engineering and construction, improving the integration of architectural information, strengthening the mutual communication and collaborative work of various disciplines, and helping to improve the team's more efficient planning, design, construction and management of buildings in the whole life cycle of buildings.

as the leader of the industry, Jie Erjie has always stood at the forefront of innovation. In In the near future, all product model data under jierjie will be fully online, including those products that meet regional standards, such as ANSI standards and CE standards. At present, our compatible product library provides two 3D BIM file formats that comply with ISO standards RFA and ifc。”

jieerjie continues to lead the trend of science and technology.

the future of the aerial work industry is inseparable from technological innovation. Jierjie adheres to the forward-looking innovation platform of building Bim and carries out the practice of virtual simulation of aerial work platform, which promotes the application and development of smart construction sites and highlights the concept of "scientific and technological innovation, leading development" advocated by jierjie

in the future, jieerjie will continue to lead the trend of science and technology, closely follow the emerging global construction development trend, guide the industry to drive the development and prosperity of China's high-altitude work platform market through innovation, meet the market's increasing demand for high-altitude work equipment, extend the application of China's high-altitude work platform, and promote it to every link of the physical schematic diagram of traditional mechanical (wire rod) change laboratory machine in the field of construction engineering

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