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Science and technology led Hafei and other enterprises helped "Shenzhou VII" fly to the sky


on September 25, the function of the "Shenzhou VII" designed and manufactured by China depends on the operation talent of the computer servo system. The spacecraft carried three astronauts to the sky. After the first extravehicular space activities, it returned smoothly. The success of "Shenzhou VII" is undoubtedly the crystallization of the efforts of generations of Chinese scientific and technological personnel. What is more gratifying is that, On the "Shenqi" spacecraft, which carries the flying dream of the Chinese people for thousands of years, many enterprises have engraved the mark of "made in China", which shows that Chinese enterprises have completed the "primitive accumulation" in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing and began to enter the harvest period

Hafei damper is one of the key components of the escape system of Shenzhou VII manned spacecraft. The damper is designed and produced by Hafei group. This is the seventh time that "Shenzhou" spacecraft has installed the damper produced by Hafei group

Hafei group has been developing dampers for the escape system of "Shenzhou" spacecraft since 1994. The group dispatched production and technical backbones to participate in the research and development work, and actively coordinated to solve the problems of competing for personnel, space, equipment and so on between dampers and aerospace products, so as to make every effort to ensure that aerospace and aerospace products are correct. In the development and production of dampers, there are gradually two "one more and one less": more people regard supporting products for "Shenzhou" spacecraft as an honor and a political task, and fewer complain about the low efficiency, large and frequent inspection of dampers; There are more people who keep improving the damper, and less products are reworked due to quality problems. At the technical innovation conference held by Hafei group in 2008, the development of damper was awarded the third prize

from August, 2006 to September, 2007, Hafei manufactured 10 "Shenqi" dampers, with 2 dampers for each of the four grid wings and the remaining 2 for standby

"'shenyi 'to' Shenqi 'escape system dampers are designed and produced by people who can't guarantee the cleanness of the experimental machine." Dong Liang, one of the damper designers and deputy director of the design and Research Institute of Hafei group, proudly said that the damper produced by Hafei group is a mature product after continuous improvement, which is safe and reliable. Since "Shenzhou VI", Hafei group has made two improvements in design. Next, Hafei group will make further design optimization

according to reports, the Shenzhou VII spacecraft is equipped with four grid wings, which are normally retracted around the rocket fairing. When it is necessary to escape, the explosion bolt connecting the grid wing and the fairing will detonate and unlock, and the grid wing will expand rapidly, so that the aerodynamic pressure center will move backward to achieve stable flight. Since the angular velocity and maximum deployment angle of the grid wing are related to whether the spacecraft can achieve stable flight when escaping, there are very strict requirements for the damping characteristics of the damper used to control the deployment of the grid wing. At the "Shenqi" damper acceptance review meeting, Liu Yu, the chief commander of the rocket, said, "we are relieved to use Hafei's products."

After the successful return of the "Shenzhou VII" manned spacecraft, all employees of TISCO group were immersed in great joy and excitement. Because many key components of "Shenqi" are made of stainless steel produced by TISCO

on October 15, 2003, "Shenzhou V" was successfully launched, realizing the Chinese nation's Millennium dream of "flying into the sky". Three products of TISCO have been successfully applied to "Shenzhou V". On October 12, 2005, "Shenzhou VI" took off again. There are four kinds of steel on the spacecraft and rocket that are "made by TISCO". For the Shenzhou-7 manned space project, TISCO has also contributed three categories and seven kinds of steel materials, which are used in the tail nozzle of manned rocket engine, escape tower and electrical control system. In addition, the equipment for astronauts' simulated space environment training and satellite testing equipment also include the stainless steel products of TISCO, which once again confirms the strong scientific and technological R & D strength and manufacturing capacity of TISCO in front of the world

it is reported that in order to strengthen the R & D and application of steel materials in the high-end field of military industry, TISCO established the military industry office in 2004, specializing in the development and management of military products, and successfully completed the research and development tasks of military products such as aerospace, rocket, missile, surface and underwater ship steel

Fushun Huafeng's key supporting initiating explosive devices made a new contribution to the success of "Shenqi", which can be said to be contributed by China North Industries Group Liaoning Huafeng Chemical Co., Ltd

Fushun Huafeng provided five models of 52 key supporting initiating explosive devices for "Shenqi" to travel in space. This "Shenqi" has achieved three breakthroughs: the extravehicular activity, the full load of the spacecraft and the release of the companion star. The 4-ton pure sense product designed and manufactured by Fushun Huafeng is one of the many new technologies applied to achieve these three breakthroughs. This product is a new type of initiating explosive device developed by Fushun Huafeng on the basis of the existing mature technology and according to the actual situation of "Shenqi". It has the characteristics of small volume, mature technology, high reliability, low cost, low pollution and so on

in order to ensure the completion of the task on schedule, Fushun Huafeng purchased equipment with a high output of 20000 tons/year, such as cameras, CNC lathes, and completed the secondary function development of equipment such as 30 tons of servo hydraulic machines. The key scientific and technological personnel are given priority to the "Shenqi" supporting initiating explosive device research and development team, and the scientific research funds are always put in the first place in the use of funds to complete the important tasks entrusted by the state with high quality and high standards

from "Shenyi" to "Shenqi", Fushun Huafeng has been undertaking the research and development task of the key supporting series of initiating explosive devices for the "Shenzhou" series spacecraft, and has delivered nearly 1000 products of five models, reaching 100% reliable use. They not only successfully completed the research and development of the critical supporting series of initiating explosive devices for the "Shenzhou" series spacecraft, but also completed the arduous supporting research and development tasks such as the "Chang'e-1" and the special torch for the Olympic Everest

Liyuan Hydraulic successfully completed the flight return test

after successfully providing supporting facilities for the "Shenzhou I" to "Shenzhou VI" spacecraft in succession, with the smooth liftoff and successful return of the "Shenzhou" VII manned spacecraft, Guizhou Liyuan Hydraulic Co., Ltd. developed several types of platform (set) products for the launch vehicle, as well as the key components of the hydraulic drive system and the core components of the hydraulic pump of the manned spacecraft, which once again experienced the launch The test of flight and return once again proved the strong strength of Liyuan Hydraulic in the aerospace field

since 1975, Liyuan Hydraulic has made full use of aviation hydraulic technology to develop and produce hydraulic components for an aerospace enterprise in China. It has become a research and production unit of hydraulic components for aerospace in China, and has developed and produced hydraulic pumps and motors for China's Long March launch vehicle. The manufacturing accuracy has reached or exceeded the international advanced level. The company's supporting aerospace products are mainly used to control the lift off and flight attitude of Long March carrier rockets and spacecraft flights, and provide hydraulic power control energy. Its product performance requires small volume, light weight, high speed, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, strict seals, and reliable tasks. Especially in 1998, after the company received the task of developing hydraulic pumps, motors and some core components for the "Shenzhou" spacecraft, without samples and ready-made data, the scientific and technological personnel involved in the development, relying on years of experience in the development of aerospace products, independently researched, designed, developed and manufactured. After the technical breakthrough of scientific and technological personnel and many tests, comparative analysis, it took only one year to complete the development task on time, It has handed over high-quality products to aerospace supporting units, and successfully provided supporting services for Shenzhou 1 to 6 spacecraft, which has been highly praised and trusted by the aerospace industry for its stable and excellent performance

Luoyang LYC independently developed high-precision bearings

at the moment of the successful launch of "Shenzhou VII", Luoyang LYC employees who sat around the screen and watched the live broadcast attentively. The high-quality bearings produced for themselves can carry the dreams and glory of Chinese people, and they were jubilant with the "Shenzhou" spacecraft flying in space again

from "Shenyi" to "Shenqi", Luoyang LYC has been producing supporting bearings for its monitoring system and spacecraft. This kind of bearing requires very high precision, and has special requirements for technology, so it is difficult to process. After continuous research, researchers have overcome many technical problems, and finally developed products that fully meet the design requirements

the bearings produced by Luoyang LYC are used in the key parts of the "Shenzhou" series spacecraft. Because it has participated in the research, construction, testing and other collaborative supporting work of China's manned space project for many times, and has made outstanding contributions to the successful completion of China's first manned space mission, Luoyang LYC was specially commended by the China Manned Space Engineering Office in 2003. Its series of bearings developed for the "Shenzhou" series spacecraft won the first prize for scientific and technological progress of the Commission of science, technology and industry for national defense in 2006

Xie Dawei, the director of the original grinding workshop directly involved in the processing of precision thin-walled bearings of the "Shenzhou" series spacecraft, said that this type of bearing is very easy to deform due to its thin wall, and special processes need to be adopted during processing. "After this development, we have mastered the processing method of thin-walled bearings, breaking the foreign technological monopoly." Zhu Jianming and Wen Jingbo, engineers who once participated in the development of bearings for the "Shenzhou" series spacecraft monitoring system, expressed the same feelings: "this bearing is like a carefully crafted handicraft. It is a high-precision bearing independently developed by the Chinese people, and we are proud of it."

Chinalco Southwest Aluminum provides high-quality aluminum alloy materials

in the manufacturing process of "Shenqi", Chinalco Southwest Aluminum enterprises and Chinalco Northeast Light Alloy Co., Ltd. provided a variety of high-quality aluminum alloy materials

Chinalco Southwest Aluminum has undertaken the research and development of key aluminum alloy materials and components of more than 10 varieties and 60 specifications required by spacecraft and launch vehicles for more than a year. These materials have high requirements for metallurgical quality and performance indicators, many varieties and specifications, large component sizes, complex shapes, and difficult processes, and are mostly used in the "skeleton" of spacecraft and key parts such as structural parts, connectors, and load-bearing parts of launch vehicles, which are of great importance in the whole "Shenzhou VII" project. In order to ensure the completion of material development and timely provision of high-quality qualified products, Chinalco Southwest Aluminum actively carried out independent research and development, overcome many key technical difficulties in material research and development and production, broke the foreign technological monopoly, and finally provided a large number of high-quality aluminum alloy materials for "Shenqi" on time and on demand

the company's Dongqing company provides a large number of aluminum alloy materials with high strength, high toughness, corrosion resistance and superplasticity, and provides aluminum alloy materials of dozens of alloys, hundreds of varieties and thousands of specifications for the astronauts' helmets, seats, aluminum alloy profiles for interior decoration, shells of rockets and spacecraft, aluminum alloy forging rings connecting various mechanical equipment that are essentially the same cabin, and aluminum alloy half rings of recycling cabin. After the successful practice of "Shenzhou" series spacecraft, Dongqing aluminum alloy material with independent intellectual property rights has been identified as the finalized product of "Shenzhou" series spacecraft

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