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Technical life: go to study

I have a hobby of buying books, and I want to start when I see a favorite book. But the enthusiasm for buying books did not extend to reading. For me, books are easy to pick up, but they are also easy to put down. When I learned that I also needed to contribute an article, I didn't think how much it was worth taking into account. The article was filled with emotion! But when I really wanted to write, I was surprised that I couldn't think of any theme to write. Looking at the college entrance examination topics provided by my colleagues, I couldn't squeeze anything out, and my response at that time was that I had no inspiration. But the above situation changed after I read several articles in a book. It was like a flash of light that I found the topic I wanted to write. In an instant, it was just a few articles. The content of the article had nothing to do with what I wrote, but it just inspired me

I realized how important it is for us to absorb new things for divergent thinking. If you don't often acquire new knowledge and broaden the scope of your reading, it's easy to be complacent, and this is not only reflected in writing articles, and not everyone will have such opportunities. Especially after entering work, you need to spit things out all the time. In school, we all learn while using, or we don't need to learn. But after entering the society, it is mostly when you use it that you find that you haven't learned it. Even if you have learned it, you will eventually get it all

some time ago, one of our comrades finally jumped out and decided to change the status quo, continue to improve himself, and return to school to live his student life, which was quite surprising. Of course, the key here is not to be an improper student, but to have such a consciousness. He should not learn until he has insufficient knowledge. Perhaps he is aware of what needs to be ignited in life. Finally, he ignites his passion for learning

here, in view of the fact that access to the door is also lower than the limited circulation of this publication, if we can see this article, we should have left childish campus life and switched to the forced workplace with no way out. Maybe some of us still recall the universities they went to in those years, but in fact, from a certain point of view, the goal of going to work is much clearer than that of going to school aimlessly in modern society, which is nothing more than how many cards to sell this year, how many customer problems to solve, or more frankly, how much RMB to earn. If you look at the past from another perspective, it is precisely because they are only committed to the goal, so they are too lazy to care about anything except the goal, so they are willing to omit the time to be in a daze, thinking, and paying attention to themselves. Of course, it is impossible to absorb anything. We will find that the company often thoughtfully arranges various amateur activities for us, such as football, badminton, basketball and mountain climbing, which also makes us passively enrich our life. It is a pity that the vast majority of us have not participated in it

at this point, I found that my theme has changed, and I no longer want to say: 1. Experimental force: 300KN go, learn! It may be good to encourage you to take time to read this book, and it is vulgar to echo the sentence that you are familiar with the experiment of measuring a series of properties of materials under tensile load. Of course, I changed it a little. Life is like a trip. In addition to caring about the destination, you can't ignore the scenery along the way and the mood of watching the scenery. Forget it, it's OK, as long as it's not boring

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