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"Technology makes China bluer" Zoomlion generally speaking, the recycling rate of waste plastics in China is not high. Concrete equipment entered Jiaxing

"technology makes China bluer" Zoomlion concrete equipment entered Jiaxing

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Guide: on April 11, 2014, technology made China bluer. Zoomlion concrete machinery equipment entered Jiaxing again. Zhong Songlin, President of Jiaxing ready mixed concrete association, and more than 100 concrete machinery and equipment users attended the new technology and equipment tour organized by Zoomlion. Jia

on April 11, 2014, "technology makes China bluer" - Zoomlion concrete machinery and equipment entered Jiaxing again

ready mixed concrete can be seen everywhere in Jiaxing. Zhong Songlin, President of the polyurethane utilization Soil Association, and more than 100 concrete machinery and equipment users attended the new technology and new equipment tour organized by Zoomlion

Mr. zhongsonglin, President of Jiaxing ready mixed concrete association, said at the event: "Zoomlion is 22 years old this year and has served Jiaxing for more than 10 years. The theme of this activity 'science and technology makes the country bluer in the testing speed required by the selection' represents the profound meaning of taking scientific and technological innovation as the guide, taking product quality as the life, and constantly launching world-class products. For more than 10 years, Zoomlion has always pursued 'customer first, integrity-based' to provide customers with standardized, localized, diversified and differentiated one-stop services, Deeply relied on by customers. Today, we are the first to stand at the forefront of the times and grandly launch the concept of 'Trinity'/'two in one' organic integration of safe and light beer packaging, which is bound to help promote the blueprint for the expansion of the concrete and mortar industry. Fully meet the needs of the market. At the same time, help concrete and mortar enterprises' sand 'out of the siege. Build a new profit growth point and the driving force of sustainable development‘ The operation of the three in one '/' two in one 'system is a redefinition of the production and operation mode of building materials, which provides conditions for reducing costs, controlling quality and improving profitability. "

because of trust, Mr. Wang Weidong, general manager of Zoomlion concrete machinery Zhejiang Shanghai Branch, handed the "key" of Qingtian 67m pump truck to the general manager of Shanghai ruilu Industrial Co., Ltd. Since 2011, the company has continuously purchased more than 10 Zoomlion pump trucks. This time, it also purchased Qingtian 67m carbon fiber boom pump truck and 52m pump truck. The platoon manager at the on-site delivery ceremony said that because Zoomlion's products are first-class and its services are intimate, it has always chosen to trust Zoomlion

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