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Science and technology "touch gold" economic forest industry add color rural "green, rich and beautiful"

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large phosphorous graphite has many unique physical and chemical properties, and its fruits are still falling on the branches, which has been pocketed by the "orders" of large supermarkets. On July 22, we walked into the first winter jujube demonstration base in Ningxia, located in taqiao village, Daxin Town, Xingqing District, Yinchuan city. Scientific and technological innovation "catalysed" the ripening of winter jujubes in summer, helping farmers seize market opportunities

Jiang Xuejun, chairman of Ruiqi Gaorong cooperative, handed over some winter jujubes and said, "you taste them. They are sweet. At first, you tried to grow them yourself, but it didn't work out. Mr. Zhang taught us by hand, especially after using the girdling technology to cure the 'acclimatization' of winter jujubes. Recently, it can be sold for 30 per kilogram."

the "teacher Zhang" in Jiang Xuejun's mouth is zhangguoqing, the chief expert of fruit tree facilities in Ningxia forest rights service and industrial development center. He led the team to advance the maturity of jujube fruit by 1 to 3 months according to the climatic characteristics of Ningxia and the performance characteristics of winter jujube land cultivation and production, combined with the technical regulations of Lingwu Long Jujube free spindle shaping and pruning

according to the relevant person in charge of the science and technology and station management office of the forestry and grass Bureau of the autonomous region, focusing on the key projects of forestry and grass construction in the autonomous region, and using forestry and grass science and technology to guide and promote ecological construction and industrial development, we will continue to select and implement a number of forestry and grass science and technology projects with high quality and good benefits, and do a good job in scientific and technological support

Zhang Guoqing's scientific and technological "papers" are written in the branches of the field greenhouse. In Helan County, Jingui peony is operated according to the actual utilization. The grapes planted last year can be picked this year. "The technology is to serve the people by tightening the screws after padding. The conventional fruit plantation has a long planting cycle and late results. By optimizing the variety structure, we can shorten the waiting time of the people and achieve quick results, so that everyone can benefit." Zhang Guoqing said

above the shed, grapes and vines climb, and on the ground, some common leafy vegetables are planted. Here, the "facility grape high dry level greenhouse fruit and vegetable three-dimensional compound planting" is used to realize the optimization of planting benefits in the greenhouse. Classification assumes that the universal experimental machines on the market are classified according to their uses. At present, this achievement has been demonstrated and popularized in many places in the region

"you see, the mature grapes behind me are the best expression. At the beginning, there were many detours. The industry was homogeneous and inefficient. After the full guidance of the expert team of the forestry and grassland Bureau of the autonomous region, the development of the enterprise entered the fast lane." The relevant person in charge of Ningxia Qiyuan Ecological Technology Development Co., Ltd., a key forestry leading enterprise in the autonomous region, said

aside, mayuping is checking the growth of grapes. She comes from Lianxing village, Jingui town. She has worked here for five or six years and now earns 3800 a month. We learned from the interview that now, through large-scale and intensive development, the base directly drives the employment of surrounding farmers and villagers, and masters a planting technology. At the same time, the base adopts the mechanism of "leading enterprises + cultural tourism + poverty alleviation" to promote industrial poverty alleviation, increase farmers' income and boost rural revitalization

by the end of 2019, the area of characteristic economic forests in the region has reached 2.134 million mu, and there are 3952 new business entities, such as enterprises, cooperatives, family forest farms, large households, etc. engaged in fruit forests, flowers, planting, breeding, processing and circulation under the forest

according to the relevant person in charge of Ningxia forest rights service and Industrial Development Center, the forestry department is strengthening scientific and technological innovation, adhering to high-quality, high-quality and efficient development, and striving to realize the mutual promotion of economic and fruit forest industrial development and ecological construction. In the next step, we will promote the research and development and intensive processing of forest and fruit products, and guide and encourage fruit forest enterprises to develop leisure tourism, picking experience, ecological health care, forest economy and other emerging industries, so as to improve comprehensive benefits

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