The hottest small excavation market is booming. Ca

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The small excavation market is booming from "small" to "big"

the small excavation market is booming from "small" to "big"

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Guide: the sales volume exceeded 10000 units for two consecutive months, which is a great encouragement to people in China's excavator industry. You know, the annual sales volume of domestic excavators in 2001 was only 12397. According to the statistics of the excavator branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, from January to May 2007, I participated in the excavation of the Association

the sales volume exceeded 10000 units for two consecutive months. This good news has greatly encouraged people in China's excavator industry. You know, the annual sales volume of domestic excavators in 2001 was only 12397

according to the statistics of excavator branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, from January to May 2007, a total of 33820 excavators were sold by 20 major excavator manufacturing companies in China who participated in the excavator sales statistics of the association. In six years, China's excavator market has entered the peak of development

the monthly sales volume exceeded 10000

the months with sales volume over 10000 units occurred in March and April respectively, with sales volume of 11167 units and 10293 units respectively. Among them, the sales volume in March increased by 41% compared with the same period, and it is the first time for the domestic excavator industry to actually use the rubber binding of bicycle inner tubes. The monthly sales volume exceeded 10000 units. In the words of Chen Zhengli, Secretary General of the excavator branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, the significance is extraordinary

among them, 15 ~ 30 ton general-purpose excavator is still the mainstream model in the market, with an increase of about 16% over the same period in 2006, but the absolute market share has decreased from about 60% last year to about 50%

the remarkable sales volume of 6-15 ton excavators of small and medium-sized level increased by more than 100% compared with the same period last year. The market share of this level of models also increased from 15.6% in the same period last year to 22.3%, of which the market share of state-owned brands below 15 tons was about 25%

in April, the market share of 15 ~ 30 ton models exceeded 50%, still occupying a dominant position; The sales trend of small excavation and medium excavation is stable; Models with an overall mass of more than 30 tons accounted for 10% in April

however, in May, the overall sales volume of excavators decreased significantly compared with April, with a total sales of 6408 units, but an increase of more than 38% compared with the same period in 2006. This indicates that the excavator market has entered the market adjustment stage this year

in terms of level distribution, the market share of excavators with more than 30 tons increased from 10.5% in April to 12.7%; The market share of small and medium-sized excavators with less than 15 tons fell from 34.8% last month to 31% this month

from these data, we can see that the small excavation market still maintained the momentum of vigorous development in the first half of the year. According to statistics, at present, the number of domestic small excavation manufacturing enterprises has grown to more than 50 or 60, and many enterprises with an annual output and sales volume of more than 1000 units have emerged. Enterprises such as Yantai Doosan and Beijing Hyundai capital cannot help saying that this is a great development of the industry compared with the previous ones

some experts predict that the average annual demand for excavators in China will reach 100000 in five years. Although at present, small excavators account for only two thousandths of the sales volume of all excavators in China, which constitute a long-term mechanism for the utilization of new materials, this figure is expected to reach four thousandths in five years, and the production and sales volume will reach nearly 40000 units. In this way, China's small excavator industry, like other consumer goods industries, will complete the 30-year market path of developed countries such as Europe and the United States in 10 years

at the same time, due to the involvement of many enterprises and the intensification of competition, many enterprises improve the performance and reliability of the whole machine through international procurement, and reduce the manufacturing cost by mainly developing products when the company invests in mtmarion lithium project, so as to meet the needs of domestic users

as for the statement that the supporting parts restrict the development of the domestic excavator industry, Ma Chuanwei, Secretary General of the construction machinery supporting parts branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, said that the supporting of hydraulic excavators was not something that Chinese people could not do, but something that they had not done in the past. Since 2006, the industry has explored ways to solve the matching of hydraulic parts of excavators. It plans to focus on the matching of hydraulic parts of small excavators less than 10 tons in 3-5 years. On this basis, it will solve the matching of hydraulic parts of large excavators in 3-5 years

he believes that by then, the parts supporting system of China's small excavators can be improved and mature, laying a solid foundation for the development of domestic small-scale excavators

can "small" enter "big"

however, the rapid development of small excavation can not eliminate the regret that large and medium excavation has been occupied by foreign brands for a long time. In particular, large and medium excavation is the product with the largest sales volume in the excavator industry and can best reflect the level of excavators. How to make a difference in this product market has always been the expectation of people in the excavator industry

in addition, in recent years, the excavator market has developed rapidly, and China's construction machinery industry has become the second largest sub industry after loaders. Moreover, due to the considerable sales profit of lightweight solutions for mining modern mobility, which is almost 2-3 times that of loaders, enterprises have stepped into the excavator market when it is difficult to obtain competitive advantage by relying on a single product. Perhaps the rapid development of domestic small excavation has played an enlightening role, and many enterprises began to take small excavation as a breakthrough to launch an impact on large and medium-sized excavation. Liugong, Sany and other enterprises have successively established excavator companies to operate independently. Enterprises such as XCMG, XCMG and Shaanxi Huanggong have also extended their product lines

but one of the problems is whether the successful experience of small excavation can be applied to large and medium-sized excavation. Once asked a technician of an excavator manufacturing enterprise such a question, he said that there was a very big gap between the two. Small excavation is mainly used in small projects such as municipal and highway maintenance, which has a good working environment, while the working environment of large and medium excavation is much worse. In terms of basic parts and supporting parts, the requirements of large and medium-sized excavators are more stringent, such as engines. Domestic small excavators can use domestic or joint-venture brand engines, while large and medium-sized excavators' manufacturing enterprises often choose the original engine. These differences lead to different requirements for supplier selection. In addition, hydraulic parts and electric control system also have such problems

it is worth noting that the rapid growth of domestic small excavation in the past three years is related to the insufficient attention of foreign brands to this market. However, it is difficult for domestic excavator enterprises to challenge the position firmly controlled by foreign brands if they want to drive the development of large and medium-sized excavators by relying on small excavators, because most foreign excavator brands have carried out localized production in China, the cost has been further reduced, and their products are mainly concentrated in the medium and high-end market, because this piece of profit is relatively rich

based on these considerations, industry experts suggest that domestic small-scale mining manufacturing enterprises should first consolidate the foundation of small-scale mining production and marketing, and should not blindly seek the big, and invest the profits just earned from the small-scale mining market into the large and medium-sized mining market

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