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Decentralization of small enterprises and collection of power by large enterprises

is it better to delegate power to or collect power from operating enterprises? This is a very distressing thing for business owners. Because Chinese enterprises will die as soon as they are managed, and will be in chaos as soon as they are released. It's really not a release, and it doesn't matter. Some people say that there is no doubt about employing people, and there is no need to doubt people; Some people also say that people should be suspicious and suspicious. Does the boss believe in employees or not? Being a boss is really in a dilemma. If he doesn't trust employees and does everything himself, the boss will die of fatigue. If he believes in employees and doesn't care about anything, the company has been betrayed, and maybe the boss doesn't know it yet. Therefore, it is not as simple as we think to operate an enterprise, whether it is better to delegate power or collect power. The boss must grasp a degree and know when the enterprise will withdraw and delegate power

why do bosses delegate power to small enterprises and collect power from large enterprises? Because when the enterprise was small, the financial, material and human resources of the boss drove the growth rate of industrial profits above the designated size by nearly 9 percentage points, which was very small. Even if the employees betrayed the boss, it would not cause much loss to the enterprise. If the boss wants to use the limited resources of the enterprise to participate in the unlimited competition in the market, he must give full play to the strength of the team. However, the strength of the team lies in the idea that the participants have ownership. What is a master? Only those who can be masters of the enterprise are masters, so small business owners should delegate power. Let them give full play to their talents. We can't firmly hold power in our own hands before the development of the enterprise, and we don't trust anyone. If the enterprise has no employees to help you, work hard for you. How to make enterprises bigger

then why should large enterprises take power? Because of the survival and development of an enterprise, small enterprises attach importance to marketing rather than management, while large enterprises attach importance to management rather than marketing. If the enterprise becomes bigger and the boss doesn't do a good job in management, his "country" will be lost. The position will be unstable. The "old ministers and meritorious men" of the enterprise will always think of themselves as "starting a new business". They will not only take away your team, but also your customers. Even directly threaten the survival of enterprises. Therefore, the boss of a large enterprise must accept the power. 2. Precautions for the use of tensile testing machine must not be allowed. The managers under them mess about. Because the decentralization of small enterprises is to let employees make money, and the power collection of large enterprises is to let employees save money. Otherwise, no matter how big the enterprise is, once there are more people spending money and more places to spend money, the boss will not interfere, and then there will be problems in financial revenue and expenditure. Therefore, the purpose of power collection by large enterprises is to prevent enterprise bureaucracy. Hydraulic testing machine is just the name of a kind of experimental equipment. Once some people have power and resources in their hands, they will make enterprises report accounts that should not be reported, people that should not be recruited, money that should not be spent, and projects that should not be invested. As a result, great economic losses have been caused to enterprises, and they still enjoy high wages and bonuses in their positions. The boss of an enterprise must supervise such people. Otherwise, qisanju environmental protection has adopted new coal coking technology and modern coal chemical technology to comprehensively transform and upgrade the coal coking enterprise with an annual output of 1.1 million tons of metallurgical coke in 7 Taihe City, Heilongjiang Province. More people spend money, less people make money, and the enterprise will not live long

for the survival and development of an enterprise, the reason why small enterprises fail is mostly due to poor sales, and the reason why large enterprises fail is mostly due to poor management. Therefore, for the survival and development of enterprises, small enterprises should delegate power and large enterprises should withdraw power. Small enterprises give up in order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees and let everyone make money. Large enterprises take power in order to strengthen the hearts of employees and let employees save money. Only when the speed of making money exceeds the speed of spending money can an enterprise develop continuously. Otherwise, it's over. However, people are lazy, especially entrepreneurial "old ministers", because they have worked hard for more than ten years to achieve today's results and sit in today's position, so old ministers are proud of their achievements. No longer will a customer work hard for an order as before. If an enterprise has more senior employees, more people who put on official airs, more people who will enjoy it, and fewer people who do practical things, then the enterprise is very dangerous. Behind this power, corruption will breed. Enterprises will decline more and more

when a boss is an enterprise, he cannot cross the river and break the bridge, nor can he put some incompetent talents in important positions. The boss must deal with the relationship between meritorious and capable ministers. Meritorious people are those who have made great contributions to the enterprise. Nengchen is the talent that enterprises need to reuse now. If we can deal with the relationship between meritorious and capable ministers, it involves the boss's power collection and decentralization. Because he is not in his position, he does not seek his own government. Therefore, when the enterprise becomes bigger, the boss must know how to collect power. If the boss of the enterprise does not collect power in time, there will be internal management friction in the enterprise. There are more people fighting for power and fewer people doing things. There are more people competing for credit and fewer people making contributions. With such development, it's no wonder that the enterprise doesn't go bankrupt

in the bankruptcy of most Chinese enterprises, small enterprises starve to death because they make too little money, and large enterprises die because they make too much money. In small enterprises, if the boss does not delegate power, the enterprise will be crushed by others; In large enterprises, if the boss doesn't take power, the enterprise will be destroyed by his own people. Therefore, the survival of enterprises lies in power, and the collapse of enterprises also lies in power

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