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Small business scuffle sand machine industry 100 billion market turn a blind eye

small business scuffle sand machine industry 100 billion market blind

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Guide: why didn't many giants become interested in an industry with huge market space and relatively easy entry? Our industry is a sea of knives and flames, and it is not easy for enterprises to get out of it. The executive general manager of Zhengzhou Yifan machinery has realized the continuous and stable production of engineering plastics, special engineering plastics, high-performance fibers and other important products; 2. Focusing on the high-end and serialization of products, Li Zhiye helplessly said

why doesn't an industry with huge market space and relatively easy entry attract the interest of many giants

"our industry is a sea of knives and flames, and it is not easy for enterprises to get out of it." Zhangzhiye, executive general manager of Zhengzhou Yifan machinery, said helplessly

"at present, there are at least a thousand enterprises above Designated Size in the industry of sand making machines, and there are countless wild roads and small workshops. Far from it, there are many sand making machines in Zhengzhou. I don't know how many eyes are staring at a new order."

Zhang Zhiye's description is easily reminiscent of industries such as wires and cables with the same fierce competition, which are also the scuffle of thousands of enterprises, the frequent occurrence of small workshops, and the uneven quality of products. Everything seems to be a replica of the wire and cable industry. However, unlike the wire and cable industry, there is no big enterprise in the industry of sand making machine. According to Zhang Zhiye, the overall market scale of sand making machine is very large, but there is no particularly large enterprise. Yifan machinery is already a leader in the industry, with a scale of only a few hundred million

as a product officially launched in China after 2000, sand making machine should be regarded as a new industry. However, in such a new industry, thousands of enterprises are in a scuffle, but few large enterprises are making efforts. Why on earth

from the beginning

the popularity of sand making machines in China mainly began when China completely banned the excavation of river sand. In 2005, the state issued a series of regulations banning large-scale mining of river sand, which for a time caused a shortage of sand sources and many businesses reluctant to sell sand. However, as long as it is construction, sand needs to be used. The price of sand has doubled for several consecutive years, making some construction enterprises difficult

not only that, driven by the national policy of expanding domestic demand, the investment in infrastructure construction such as roads and railways is increasing day by day, and large-scale projects are carried out one after another, which urgently needs a large amount of high-quality sand and gravel aggregate supply. However, in order to protect the ecological environment, it is impossible for the state to liberalize the prohibition of unauthorized excavation of natural sand. In the face of the embarrassment that the supply of sand and stone is far from keeping up with the demand, machine-made sand began to come into people's sight

generally speaking, machine-made sand is made by crushing and screening large stones by crushing equipment, and the particle size of the product meets certain technical indicators. In the case of "river sand cannot be used and sea sand is not easy to use", machine-made sand with more abundant resources has become the best substitute for natural sand. Moreover, machine-made sand has many excellent properties that natural sand cannot match

first of all, machine-made sand has a larger specific surface area than natural sand, and the concrete prepared with machine-made sand has higher strength. Secondly, the production of machine-made sand can be combined with the production process of crushed stone, which greatly reduces the production cost of machine-made sand. Finally, machine-made sand is conducive to the comprehensive utilization of mineral resources, which not only solves environmental problems, but also improves the utilization rate of natural resources

machine-made sand is sought after by the market, which also makes the upstream industry of machine-made sand - sand machine industry, also usher in the east wind of development. Yifan machinery is rising rapidly under this background


as early as the 1990s, Yang Anmin, who was still a technician in the factory, came across a sand making machine during an inspection. At that time, although the sand making machine has been widely used abroad, it can hardly be seen in China

if someone else changed, he might not take this seriously, but Yang Anmin deeply remembered that strange guy. He had a hunch that this kind of machine would be useful in this land of China. After careful consideration, Yang Anmin resolutely left his former factory and began to embark on the road of entrepreneurship

he contacted several former classmates and told them about the promising future of the sand making machine. The students also agreed with him. They decided to jointly invest in running an enterprise with Yang Anmin as the chairman. Therefore, in 1998, Zhengzhou Yifan mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. was officially established

after the establishment of Yifan machinery, Yang Anmin, who was born in technology, quickly gathered a research and development team and began arduous product development. Huangtian is worthy of his heart. In 2000, Yifan machinery finally developed y650 vertical impact breaker (sand making machine), which has reached the domestic leading level; On this basis, Yifan machinery has built the first domestic production line using tailings and vertical impact crushers to produce machine-made sand

at that time, because the price of manufactured sand was relatively low, and the performance of manufactured sand produced by the production line provided by Yifan machinery had many advantages over natural sand, Yifan machinery soon opened the local market

In 2001, Yifan machinery, which is already well-known in the industry, successfully developed the largest river pebble machine-made sand production line in China, with the largest y1200 vertical impact crusher in China as the host. The products are widely used in the construction of national key projects in Beijing. The high-quality aggregates produced by many modern sand and gravel aggregate production lines are selected as the designated materials for National Grand Theater and key projects of the Olympic Games

in the years before and after the national ban on river sand excavation, Yifan machinery has won the east wind of rapid development. From 2004 to 2008, the average annual sales of Yifan machinery exceeded 300million yuan. Yifan can be seen in many national key projects, such as the expansion of capital airport, Xiangjiaba Hydropower Station, Baoquan Pumped Storage Power Station, Gansu Jiudianxia Water Control Project, Shenyang Dalian Expressway, Nanjing Hangzhou Expressway, reconstruction and expansion of Sichuan Chongqing Expressway, Beijing Chengdu expressway, etc. In addition, the new products developed by Yifan machinery, such as autoclaved lime sand brick equipment, fly ash brick making machine, complete sets of brick press equipment, have been exported to Russia, Mongolia, Central Asia, Africa and other countries and regions

in the past ten years, the development of Yifan machinery has been as smooth as its name. However, the strong wind in the industry has blown the calm sea. The new voyage is magnificent, and Yifan also began to feel violent turbulence


"it was better in those days. At that time, we launched a new product, which will soon become the focus."

Zhang Zhiye sighed with a slightly lonely expression. The sun came in from the window and sprinkled on his face. His eyes twinkled with a little excited light, as if he had returned to those days of miracles

"The one that impressed me most was at the 2008 Shanghai BMW exhibition, when we just developed a new type of tire type mobile crushing station, which should also be at the advanced level in the world. We were also the only manufacturer in the mining machinery industry to display the tire type mobile crushing station at that exhibition. As soon as the products were exhibited at the Shanghai BMW exhibition, they immediately attracted many people to visit and inquire. Let alone other enterprises, see you I haven't seen it before. At that time, our booth was packed. " Zhang Zhiye drank water, and the excitement in his eyes gradually disappeared, "In 2010, we took new products to the exhibition again. At that time, we took the new crawler mobile crushing station just developed by the company, which was not expected to be worse than that in 2008. As a result, as soon as it was launched, we were stupid, and our peers basically had this product. How could we not understand at that time, how could they develop so fast? To be honest, we were very disappointed at that time, a new product did not achieve good results Later, I found out that we were deceived. "

speaking of this, Zhang Zhiye obviously paused, Continue to say to China mechanical and electrical industry: "In fact, at that time, their crawler crushing stations were fake, and the crawlers were installed, but they couldn't start at all. They were blinded by the fact that there was no on-site trial operation at the exhibition. We also found it at the end of the exhibition. When we withdrew from the exhibition area, our equipment could be driven to the transport vehicle, and their equipment was hoisted with a crane, and they couldn't move at all. At that time, we found that we were deceived However, there is no way. Many orders have been snatched away by them. With the funds, they will soon be able to develop dynamic products. The good opportunity is so missed. " Zhang Zhiye sighed, full of regret, "now, many people have seen this market. There are at least a thousand enterprises above Designated Size in this industry. It is not easy to find opportunities again."

as Zhang Zhiye said, it is not easy to find opportunities in the sand machine industry now. As one of the important basic materials in the construction industry, sand and stone undoubtedly contribute irreplaceable strength to China's construction. However, due to the scattered and low integration of mine resources, there are many sand making enterprises, but the scale is generally 5 All (function) switches are small, and the management level is low. There are many sand making enterprises all over China, but the degree of mechanization is generally low, there are more small-scale production, and there are fewer large-scale formal enterprises that master a large number of mine resources. This also causes relatively few enterprises to purchase a complete set of highly mechanized production lines, which restricts the production of machine-made sand to a great extent. Moreover, due to the low technical difficulty in the research and development of sand making machine, compared with other industries, there are fewer standards and policies on sand and gravel products, making sand making machine an industry with low entry threshold, and the products of various enterprises are seriously mixed

in 2010, the sales revenue of Yifan machinery reached 389 million, but the profit margin has declined. Yifan Rendu, in fact, the most important thing we pay attention to when purchasing universal experimental machine products is its relevant configuration (that is, the internal configuration of the experimental machine). We know that the sand making machine industry is no longer the blue ocean of that year

break through

if you are in trouble, you want to change. Under the impact of the main business, Yifan machinery does not choose to sit idle, but is trying to march towards the "new world". In another village, there is a potential industry in front of Yifan machinery - construction waste treatment and reuse. Few people in China pay attention to this lucrative industry in the eyes of foreigners

in fact, internationally, construction waste treatment technology has become mature. The construction waste is sorted, crushed and sieved into coarse and fine aggregates, which are used to replace natural aggregates to prepare concrete, building bricks and road base materials, which makes the regeneration of construction waste have the outstanding advantages of high utilization rate, low production cost, wide range of use and good environmental and economic benefits. While saving natural mineral resources, it can reduce the impact of solid waste on

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