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The boom of small spacing LED is still the leader, and the steady growth of enterprises

the explosion of small spacing has driven the rapid growth of LED display industry, and the boom of the industry has risen. Since 2015, the small spacing market has exploded, with significant advantages in brightness, color, reliability and so on. The rapid replacement of LCD and DLP splicing screens in the professional display market has a current penetration rate of nearly 20%. Technological progress and cost reduction have promoted the continuous improvement of small spacing cost performance, and there is a huge space for replacement. China's big 10 scrap market is weak. Weiwenlu is the world's largest LED production base and is in a dominant position in the global LED display field. In the future, the continuous decline in the cost of small spacing is expected to promote the rapid penetration of small spacing into the commercial and civil small force general S-type sensor field

among them, the commercial market is larger than the professional display market, and the improvement of small space cost performance will promote its rapid penetration in the commercial market. The rapid development of night travel economy brings new opportunities for the application of small spacing. The innovation of operation mode in film, advertising, sports, entertainment and other fields is expected to continue to promote the upward trend of small space scenery. In 2018, the small space global market scale was about 6.8 billion yuan. It is estimated that the breakdown of the commercial market is the Electromechanical of the tensile testing machine: the power source (electromechanical) of the tensile testing machine is also called the motor field, and the annual market space of the film screen will be 3 billion yuan in the future. The small spacing market is expected to maintain a high growth rate of more than 40% in the next three years. Domestic leading enterprises with small spacing are expected to benefit from industrial growth in depth

Zhouming technology has been deeply engaged in LED display for 15 years, adheres to independent research and development, and has accumulated strong technology, which has been widely recognized by customers. The small spacing LED display screen of the company has won wide recognition from customers at home and abroad because of its excellent performance in technology, quality, effect and so on. It is widely used in command and control centers, large exhibitions, conference rooms and other fields. At the same time, the company has accumulated deep channels, and more than 90% of its revenue comes from channel sales, laying the foundation for sales after the outbreak of the commercial market in the future. In the future, with the rapid growth and commercial penetration of the small spacing LED industry, the profitability of Zhouming technology is also expected to be continuously released

the impact of trade friction is controllable, and the atmosphere eases and boosts sentiment. The United States has increased tariffs by 10% on LED displays. Recently, trade frictions have eased, and it is expected that the tax increase will not continue. In addition, China's LED industry chain has complete supporting facilities, and its scale ranks first in the world. Among them, China's LED display capacity accounts for more than 80% of the world, and the small spacing is almost all produced by Chinese Mainland. If the United States cannot find a substitute supplier for the trade tax increase, the cost of trade friction is expected to be transferred to end consumers, and the business to the United States accounts for about 14% of the company, with limited impact on the overall enterprise. At present, Zhouming technology is increasing, which can be attributed to the following points: Overseas layout, which shows the company's confidence in the prosperity of the industry and overseas business

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