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Small I robots help transport state-owned enterprise customer service center intelligent upgrade

project background

a transport state-owned enterprise is a super large transportation enterprise in China. It operates in a region with developed industrial and agricultural production, booming domestic and foreign trade, dense population and rich tourism resources. It is the busiest enterprise in passenger and freight transportation in China

in recent years, with the gradual increase of the consulting volume of the state-owned enterprise and the continuous upgrading of service requirements, the customer service center of the state-owned enterprise (hereinafter referred to as the customer service center of the state-owned enterprise) is faced with a high concentration of consulting problems and a serious lack of consulting service force. 6. Impact head size: ф 12.7mm ф 25.4mm foot, unable to respond in time to consulting needs, etc

in the face of the above problems, relying on the customer service resources of the state-owned enterprise, combined with its strong human-computer interaction and cognitive computing processing capabilities, small I robot has developed the following solutions for it:

project plan

provision, APP channel intelligent robot

intelligent robot can provide 7 * 24-hour all-weather services, automatically respond to about 80% of users' common problems, and effectively reduce the pressure of customer service personnel, Supplement the consultation outside 7:00~23:00 of the original manual seats


robot is realized by a third-party platform, and the small I robot provides an interface for the platform to call. After the user pays attention to the public account, he can open the dialogue window to have an interactive dialogue with the intelligent robot and obtain relevant services. The process of machine manual pre lubrication is as follows:

app robot

app channel interaction page is implemented by the app developer, and the small I robot provides an interface for the app front-end platform to call. After the user logs in, the operator needs to carefully dust the equipment and clean the app page, and then click the question and answer section to have an interactive dialogue with the intelligent robot and obtain relevant services. The workflow of APP robot is as follows:

integrate business data

statistical analysis management includes access data statistics (Statistics of time and dimension), service log statistics (service related log details, statistical analysis through details, and relevant reports and statistical charts are given at the same time), knowledge point ranking statistics, unmatched problem statistics, etc., to assist customer service personnel in external services

access data statistics mainly counts and analyzes the data according to time and dimension, which is convenient for operators to better maintain, manage and instantly understand the success rate of robots replying to user questions

the key technology touched by this topic has not been reported in the literature.

the service log mainly aims at the statistics and analysis of the services that need to be enabled in the user's questions, so as to facilitate the operators to further improve and repair the services with high utilization rate, so as to improve the success rate of the robot replying to the user's questions

the ranking statistics of knowledge points mainly counts the questions of users who appear the most frequently. Statistics and analysis are carried out for the services that need to be enabled in the questions raised by users. According to the statistical data, operators can better maintain and analyze the data

unmatched problem statistics mainly counts the problems replied by the robot by default. Operators can deal with these problems in real time according to the data collected during the time period

establish a standardized knowledge base

sort out a standard knowledge base by combing the policies and common problems of the customer service of the state-owned enterprise. Through the construction of standardized, standardized and systematic knowledge base, uncertainties are eliminated to the greatest extent, so that the quality of customer service can be effectively controlled and improved

after professional training, customer service personnel can log in to the seat knowledge base system to query the vehicle shutdown status, on-time and late information, vehicle information and other related information. You can also enter user questions, and the system will recommend the answer to the question, and search out the relevant questions and answers, so as to improve the efficiency of customer service personnel in answering user questions

domain ontology knowledge base

special purpose knowledge base

domain language knowledge base

purpose language knowledge base

project effectiveness

the whole project relies on the existing service resources of the customer service of the state-owned enterprise, combines the new generation technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence, integrates, app and other communication service channels, and transforms the existing self-service + artificial into intelligent + self-service based intelligent consulting service mode through the unified knowledge base management in the background, With the power of AI, help the intellectualization, personification and convenience of customer consultation, realize the intelligent upgrading of customer service center, and finally improve the customer service consulting service level of the state-owned enterprise

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