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Small construction machinery products have become a new highlight of the market

relevant market surveys show that since 2005, the domestic construction machinery market has gradually increased the demand for small construction machinery (such as small municipal cranes, elevators, spreaders, excavators, etc.), and the development trend of small construction machinery shows the following characteristics

traditional market demand increases

the domestic small machinery market is facing a new round of "reshuffle", especially the small construction machinery supporting urbanization management and urban infrastructure will purchase a batch of products to fill the gap while upgrading in batches. In this case, the practical value and profit concept have become the principles for users to update and purchase equipment, and the comprehensive performance such as quality, price and rate of return will become the first choice for users

this requires small machinery manufacturing enterprises to incorporate user "design" into product design and development through research, discussion and other forms, so that products can meet the needs of the market and users. Small construction machinery will replace some market shares of large and medium-sized construction machinery due to its high comprehensive utilization rate and rich returns, and become a "rookie"

environmental protection and energy-saving products will become the pride

according to the survey, the popular small engineering machinery in the market at present not only strengthens the function, but also improves the products, which also makes the market of recycled plastic granulator more and more optimistic and optimized. At present, a series of products such as lawn management and engineering maintenance, which are popular in the market, are shining on the stage with their beautiful appearance and reliable quality, which makes users love it and become the "pride" of the city

users hope that enterprises producing small construction machinery can quantify the shape and color of products, improve performance, enhance function and intelligence, integrate with the international market and product model, reduce emission pollution, and produce energy-saving and environmental friendly "green products", so as to greatly enhance their profitability and improve their core competitiveness

give play to its own characteristic advantages

the advantages of small construction machinery are reflected in its "characteristics". When developing this market space, we must fully absorb the manufacturing technology of large and medium-sized construction machinery and equipment in combination with the different uses in special regions and special conditions. Developers can summarize the advantages of large construction machinery in construction applications, and give targeted improvements to the shortcomings of large construction machinery. It enables users to compare technology and value with other models in the industry

products should have a long-term development plan and be able to adjust in time according to market demand. Combined with the market, seize the special needs of some "cutting-edge" customers, and dynamically adopt the "design" of users' products. Let users decide the product structure, speed up product development, and embark on the sustainable development road of "market determines products and products guide users" as soon as possible

pay attention to intelligent design

the "humanization" of construction machinery products is the development trend of the 21st century force measuring sensor, which generally adopts hydraulic pressure sensor. Special small construction machinery manufacturing enterprises should pay attention to the compatibility of products and high technology, and the unity of cutting-edge and practical

work hard on product intelligence, fully consider the labor intensity of the machine hand, and provide users with superior driving conditions. By optimizing the design of cab, driver's seat, directional power control, air conditioning devices, etc., the labor intensity of the manipulator is reduced and the comfort of operation is increased. At the same time, the scientific and technological content of the control system should be increased, so that the manipulator can know the production, safety and other technical indicators of the product at any time through the instrument device, and can know the working state of small construction machinery products at any time, so as to maximize the efficiency of the product

create a "win-win" business model

small construction machinery production enterprises should open up a multi-channel sales mode on the basis of strengthening cooperation with product sales departments, and integrate with the international model. Make full use of the marketing modes of agents and "franchised stores" to focus on the development of high-performance and low-cost carbon fiber, high-strength and high modulus and functional glass fiber, aramid fiber, polyimide fiber, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, alumina fiber, boron nitride fiber, basalt fiber, silicon carbide ceramic fiber and other materials in the state-owned, joint-stock and private economic sectors; Accelerate the intelligent and green manufacturing technology of fibers and composites and the industrialization level of high temperature resistant thermoplastic composites; Further expand the utilization of high-performance fibers and composites in the fields of industrial equipment, high-pressure gas cylinders, automobile lightweight, rail transit, wind power generation, marine and sports leisure, so as to achieve common development and innovative management

for example, Sany excavator and the 3S direct selling store integrating sales, service and spare parts supply actively explore the market and strive to become a flag that can compete with foreign brands. On the one hand, regional buyouts and mutually beneficial operations can be implemented; Make an appointment and deliver to the door; Property mortgage, installment payment; Leasing operation and shareholding cooperation; Quality notarization and product insurance; Use first, pay later, and return if you are not satisfied. On the other hand, learn from the financing channels and experience of foreign companies, actively develop the international market, and make domestic small products go abroad

cultivate after-sales competition mode

after sales service is a restrictive factor for the rapid development of small construction machinery products at present. From the perspective of market reflection, production enterprises should improve their internal quality assurance system and implement the integrated management of production, supply and sales. Strictly control the after-sales service, seriously implement the enterprise's after-sales service system and enterprise commitments, so that users can buy at ease and use at ease

this requires manufacturers to establish reliable parts supply and maintenance networks to serve users in a timely manner. In order to expand the market, enterprises should also regularly hold product training courses and production and marketing meetings in combination with the actual market situation. It is necessary to regularly organize marketing personnel to study on the production assembly line to make them competent for various work tasks, and maximize the "synchronization" between users and products, enterprises and users

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