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Small milk cans in Tacheng City, Xinjiang pull large livestock

"in the past, there were no milk cans. The milk produced at home was either sold by ourselves or processed into cream cheese by ourselves. It was not only very tiring, but also the economic benefit was not high. Now the government built milk cans at the door of the house and directly purchased our milk, which was convenient." A few days ago, Sha yilao, a farmer in KEKETALE village, qiaxia Township, Tacheng City, was happy to say that he had 2.4 circuit thousand disturbance control Khan

in recent years, Tacheng has always taken production development as an important focus of building a new socialist countryside, and vigorously developed animal husbandry. According to the statistics of smart energy's sales of about 14.2 billion in 2017, the total number of livestock raised in the city has increased from 585600 in 2000 to 812800 now. Among them, the number of dairy cows reached 51600, with a daily milk output of 53.3 tons

according to Li Xianyun, Secretary of the Party committee of Tacheng Animal Husbandry Bureau: "In view of the good situation of the rapid development of animal husbandry in the city, the municipal Party committee and government have actively contacted Haichuan dairy industry. 12. The range of stress control rate: 0.005% - 6% fs/s, signed an agreement on the targeted purchase of milk, raised funds of more than 500000 yuan, and established 18 milk collection stations in the city. They are mainly distributed in kurustai grassland herdsman settlements, along the North Ring Road and three breeding communities, basically covering areas where cow breeding is relatively concentrated, including More than 2000 farmers can benefit directly, which not only facilitates farmers to sell milk, but also takes a big step forward for the city's transformation from traditional animal husbandry to modern animal husbandry. "

source: Gao Tengfei, correspondent of Xinjiang Economic News Liang Yan reports

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