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Small dump big hero Pindu heavy truck King 777 new model

small dump big hero Pindu heavy truck King 777 new model

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among the medium-sized dump trucks for the transportation of building accessories in urban and rural areas, heavy truck King plays a major role in many regions of the country. Since the new "757, 777" series of the trump brand of heavy duty truck was unveiled and put on the market at the 2011 Shanghai International Auto Show, the head of Zhongwang automobile business department revealed that it quickly replaced the old models and became the pioneer model of small and medium-sized dump trucks

in the spare time of business trip in Nanchang, I saw this heavyweight 777 dump truck with a quotation of 103000 yuan in Jiangxi Jifeng auto trade. The new cab, powerful chassis platform and the top loading of the dump truck let me appreciate the grandeur of small dump truck with the increasing proportion of plastic packaging in the packaging industry

what is small? Blue brand small tonnage, a sharp tool for medium and short distance transportation, is very suitable for card friends with only C license

what is big? With high horsepower, high load and wide cab, the dump truck has all the powerful features

let's approach this heavy truck flagship 777 wide body dump truck and see what unique highlights it has in small and medium-sized dump trucks

small dump truck is not simple, but also fashionable and comfortable

first of all, let's take a look at the appearance. 777 is the largest cab in the new 7 series of SINOTRUK trump. It is not only 2080mm wide, but also has a sleeper in the back. It should be the widest cab of its kind in China at present

the design elements of Isuzu 700p are also used for reference in the 777 cab of heavy truck. Looking back at the current domestic trend, many so-called high-end light trucks recently launched by major manufacturers are almost all derived from this cab

the 777 has been finalized and listed as early as 2011. The trump card is that domestic car companies take the lead in using foreign high-end cab technology in all construction fields, and first used it on dump trucks. The technology should be very mature

trucks are a part of the driver's life. Small dump trucks also need to be fashionable, and driving tippers also needs a comfortable environment. If you don't open the door of the 777, you can't see whether it's the most popular high-end light truck or an engineering dump truck at all unless it's the small hydraulic system control rotary valve in the middle of the seat

since it is a dump truck, it is of course inseparable from the hydraulic gear pump and power take-off of the dump system. Unlike the early dump trucks, the hydraulic pump power take-off of SINOTRUK trump 777 cancels the mechanical control rod, adopts the remote electric/pneumatic control on the central console, and has an audible and visual alarm during lifting

tips for dump truck: Essentials for the use of gear pump power take-off

1. It must be used when parking. When the engine is idling, press the clutch pedal for seconds. After the intermediate shaft of the transmission stops rotating, press the combination switch of the key servomotor. Otherwise, the gear of the transmission and the gear of the power take-off are prone to collision and noise, and even cause gear damage

2. The power take-off controlled by electricity/air needs compressed air to operate the plastic after being modified by nano silver. When the air pressure of the air reservoir is less than about 4kg, the power take-off will not work normally, and sufficient air pressure must be maintained in the air reservoir

the operation condition of dump truck is not ideal, and it is often used in mining areas, sand and gravel yards, and rural small and medium-sized construction sites. The flying dust will make the air filter element and engine uncomfortable

the knapsack type high-level intake pipe not only has a large air flow, but also is as far away as possible from the dust caused by tires and silencers into the air filter

the three mirror combined mirror frame on the co driver's side can eliminate the blind area observed on the right side and avoid the precious steel tire from gnawing on the sharp stones on the roadside at the construction site. The mirror frame is designed to be foldable and retractable to avoid the collision caused by temporary driving in the narrow construction site


sinotruk trump uses the cab technology of Isuzu's new 700p medium truck to change our traditional impression of small dump truck models that are old-fashioned, out of date, and noisy. The 2080mm wide body cab of the 777 not only has the largest space of its kind at present, but also integrates high configuration and comfort

compared with heavy truck owners, the younger trend of small and medium-sized dump truck owners is becoming more and more obvious. While pursuing efficiency, they will also pay more attention to the comfort and fashion of trucks. I believe this 777 model can meet their needs

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