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Small machinery has a broad market in Russia

the situation of heavy industry and light industry in the Russian economy was formed in the period of the former Soviet Union. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia has been in political turmoil and economic crisis. Since 1998, the Russian economy has experienced a recovery. 6. Overall size: 550mm × 300mm × 900mm: in the Soviet Union, adjusting machinery and developing production have increasingly become the mainstream of economic life. The market of plastic processing machinery, printing machinery, food processing machinery, packaging machinery and other light industrial machinery and equipment is heating up day by day. The production and supply capacity of these equipment in Russia is very weak. Therefore, it mainly depends on imports and has a broad market

1. Food processing machinery

at present, the equipment production capacity of Russia's food and packaging industry can only meet 40% of the market demand, while many medium and small-sized equipment in China are very suitable for the needs of the Russian market, and domestic similar enterprises are facing rare development opportunities

at present, there are only more than 200 enterprises producing packaging equipment in Russia, and the impact testing machine, as an automobile testing instrument, is far from meeting the demand in terms of quantity, production capacity, technology and automation. There are currently 55000 agricultural products from agricultural and industrial enterprises in Russia. Due to the backwardness of food processing and packaging industry, a large number of losses have been caused in the storage, transportation and sales of food, so there is a huge gap in the food and packaging equipment market

similarly, the development trend of wood processing industry is similar. Russia's forest area accounts for 22% of the world's forest area, and its timber reserves account for 26% of the world's total. However, due to the backward processing equipment, the wood industry can only process primary products

at present, the urgent problem for Russian enterprises is to update production equipment. Many Russian businessmen have the desire to establish small enterprises. The means of production such as equipment and parts have a broad market in Russia. Due to the price advantage, many small and medium-sized equipment produced by Chinese enterprises are very suitable for the needs of the Russian market. As long as the after-sales measures are effective and the service is attentive, some small and medium-sized food packaging machinery and woodworking machinery have great export potential to Russia

2. Packaging machinery

in recent years, the Russian packaging machinery industry has developed quite rapidly. By the end of 2001, the number of Russian charter aircraft production enterprises had increased to more than 250, including 70 in Moscow, 30 in the suburbs of Moscow, 35 in Pittsburgh and more than 120 in other cities. In terms of product range, there are 14 packaging material manufacturing machinery enterprises - 6 plastic films, 1 paper machine and 7 corrugated board machines; There are about 50 packaging material processing machinery enterprises - 23 PET bottle and pet can forming machines, 12 plastic cup forming machines, 14 paperboard and corrugated paperboard processing machines, 8 paperboard and corrugated paperboard printing machines, 1 metal packaging machinery manufacturing enterprise and 3 glass container manufacturing machinery; There are 40 solid filling machine enterprises - 9 filling machines, 26 longitudinal bag making and filling machines, 4 horizontal bag making and filling packaging machines, 105 liquid and viscous packaging machines - 80 filling machines, and 25 container forming and filling machines; 22 sealing machine enterprises - 9 spiral capping machines and 5 bag sealing machines; 16 vacuum packaging machines; 40 heat shrinkable packaging machines - 14 film shrinkable packaging machines; There are 5 capping machines, 21 multi-purpose machines and 15 bottle labeling machines

at present, there are no statistics on the output and output value of Russian packaging machinery. According to the statistics of 35 Russian packaging machinery enterprises, these enterprises produced more than 15000 various types of packaging machines from 1995 to 2000, including 400 plastic film manufacturing machines, 150 PET bottle and can manufacturing machines, 656 cardboard and corrugated cardboard manufacturing machines, 1000 solid material filling and packaging machines, and 3366 liquid and viscous material packaging machines, 36 filling and packaging machines for beverages and other liquids react with isocyanate + polyols, 50 vacuum packaging machines, 897 vacuum packaging machines, 4949 heat shrinkable packaging machines, 48 sealing machines, 12 machines for producing packaging materials from old paper and paperboard, and 250 large bag sewing machines, totaling 15377

in 2000, the import value of Russian packaging machinery was US $38.226 million and the export value was US $30.5 million. It can be seen that Russian packaging machinery imports are still greater than exports

3. The plastic machinery market contains huge business opportunities

in recent years, the plastic machinery market has become one of the fastest growing markets in Russia, with a total product value of US $200 million to US $300 million. According to experts' estimates, this market will continue to grow in the next few years, containing huge business opportunities

Russia has a large demand for plastic machinery, but its domestic plastic machinery production capacity is limited, which is far from meeting the market demand, so the proportion of product imports is large. Germany, Italy, Ukraine and China are the main source countries of its imported products

there are three main reasons for the strong demand in the Russian plastic machinery Market: first, due to the rapid development of the country's food industry, the demand for plastic packaging materials has increased correspondingly; Second, the demand for plastic products in building materials, sporting goods, stationery and the automotive industry is growing; Third, 45% of the plastic machinery in Russia has been used for 10 to 20 years, and 25% has been used for more than 20 years, so it needs to be renewed

Russia, a huge emerging market, attracts equipment manufacturers from all over the world. Compared with these countries, China's small equipment is more suitable for the Russian market in terms of price, and has the real need for timely replacement in terms of raw material use and application operation. There are also many varieties, which is very suitable for the vast number of Russian small enterprises and self-employed people who want to start a business

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