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Small packaging makes traditional Chinese medicine drink plainly

it is necessary to speed up the prescription of decoction pieces, solve the problem of patients waiting for too long, and ensure the quality of decoction pieces at the same time, and improve the working environment of traditional Chinese medicine room. Where is the way out? Li covers an area of 465 mu, and Yimin said without hesitation, "promoting the small packaging of decoction pieces is the only way out."

after investigating the traditional Chinese medicine rooms in hospitals in Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places that use small packaging of decoction pieces, this year, a small-scale pilot of small packaging of decoction pieces was carried out in the traditional Chinese medicine plastic extruder of Longhua Hospital and Yueyang Hospital, commonly known as the host room. 2. Layout of the experimental platform

at the drug taking window of the hepatitis clinic of Longhua Hospital, Lao Liu, who claimed to be a "can of medicine", was full of praise for the small packaging of decoction pieces. He told me that it used to be common to wait for one or two hours for dispensing medicine, but now it's much faster. More importantly, in the past, I carried a bag of medicine, whether the weight was accurate enough, whether I would make mistakes in my busy time, and I missed a single medicine. I didn't count it in my heart, and there was no basis for doubt. There was no way to open it and see too many medicine scraps. Now, how many flavors are there in each post, and how much is the weight of each flavor? Open it and you can check it on the spot. Moreover, the drug name, manufacturer, dosage specification, and ex factory date are clearly marked on each small package of decoction pieces, which has completely changed the original situation of "three noes" without trademark, product name specification, and manufacturer logo in the consumption of decoction pieces

it is understood that there has been no complaint from the two pilot units so far due to the accurate quantity, transparent consumption and quality assurance. At a seminar held a few days ago, the small packaging of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces was praised by the participating experts as "another revolution in traditional Chinese Medicine pharmacies after the decocting machine, which is an important step in realizing the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine." Experts called for the establishment of industry standards as soon as possible, so as to comprehensively promote the small packaging of decoction pieces and allow the decoction pieces of traditional Chinese medicine to enter the management of ready-made medicine. By expanding the scale, we can gradually reduce the small price rise caused by small packaging

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