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Chinese small LED display enterprises are "dying" at birth

some people say that the current small and medium-sized LED screen enterprises (mainly referring to the screen enterprises with production here, excluding those who simply do trade without actual production) have no suitable conditions for survival in China. Many even face "death" at birth. Even if you see some small screen enterprises alive, most of them are basically struggling on the "death line"...

this statement may be exaggerated, but in my opinion, This is not groundless. The traditional advantages of China's manufacturing industry are declining sharply, and the LED display manufacturing industry is no exception. There is a saying circulating in the LED display circle in Shenzhen: after 30 years of hard work, it's better to dump a house than others. (of course, it may also be the reason why Shenzhen has reduced the cost of the enterprise by more than 500000 yuan. Shenzhen houses are connected to 3-phase 4-wire power supply) the price is too high), but this also shows the decline of the current profit environment in the LED display industry. Especially for small and medium-sized screen enterprises whose advantages are gradually disappearing, it has almost become the norm that life is difficult...

the competitiveness of LED small and medium-sized screen enterprises is gradually declining

before the industry reshuffle, some small and medium-sized screen enterprises are still very moist, because they have some advantages that many large screen enterprises cannot catch up with:

first, the advantage of efficiency

because entrepreneurial small screen enterprises have no intermediate management, From sales to production, from technology to operation, all are under the direct command of the boss, so the feedback speed to the market is significantly faster than that of large and medium-sized enterprises

second, the cost "advantage"

as we all know, before, the entry threshold of LED display industry was very low, small entrepreneurs could enter relatively freely, and the industry competition was not standardized. Therefore, the larger the scale of enterprises, the weaker their price competitiveness. On the other hand, small entrepreneurs generally adopt the mode of one person with multiple jobs at the beginning of entrepreneurship, so as to obtain the maximum output with the least human cost

III. price advantage

generally speaking, 3D system companies have also released Geomagic freeform 2017, the most comprehensive 3D hybrid design software in the industry. Small screen enterprises have relatively low cost pressure, and at the same time, they also need to make a discount in terms of product brand and quality. Therefore, compared with brand screen enterprises, the product price advantage of small screen enterprises is relatively prominent

however, these "advantages" have gradually disappeared with the rise of the overall production capacity of the industry, the decline of product prices in the end market, the increase in the importance of end customers for product quality, and the many price wars in the industry... On the other hand, the current market economy competition environment is also "very unfair" to small screen enterprises

first, the current market competition environment is capital wins! As the industry enters the "era of meager profits", ensuring adequate capital chain is very important for the development of screen enterprises. However, there is a big "Scar" that has to be poked here - the capital chain is tight, and many small and medium-sized screens do not have brand advantages. In order to grab customers, they pull their own capital chain tightly by means of price war and account release. Once something unexpected happens, it is easy to cause the capital chain to break

second, lack of talents. The so-called "people go high, water flows low", small and medium-sized enterprises, lack of stability and other factors, leading to a serious brain drain. At the same time, many small and medium-sized enterprises can't choose the right talents according to the development needs of enterprises because they don't pay attention to talents or have a wrong understanding of talents, especially some small screen enterprises trapped in the mire of "plagiarism". They blindly imitate the products and even design styles of brand screen enterprises, and gradually lose their enthusiasm for innovation, resulting in brain drain and waste

third, lack of innovation. Quite a number of small and medium-sized enterprises have the idea of "peace with a small fortune", and the internal motivation for innovation is insufficient. The relatively backward technology and equipment undertaken by small and medium-sized enterprises, coupled with the lack of technological innovation talents and insufficient sources of innovation capital investment, restrict the endogenous development momentum of small and medium-sized enterprises

in the face of such difficulties, small and medium-sized screen enterprises should not be impatient, do not be eager for quick success and instant benefits, calm down, endure loneliness, and concentrate on development. The manufacturing industry needs a steady and long-term hard work and investment. It is an industry that needs long-term silent adherence and the final accumulation. For small screen enterprises, they should strive to improve their management level, cultivate R & D talents, and explore and innovate, It is the way of long-term development pointed out by long PCI in the report to make the products and markets in its own segmented fields to the extreme

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