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Artificial intelligence "promotes" high-end skilled talents in the flexible employment market "in short supply"

with the rise of new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, big data and cloud computing, more and more enterprises begin to hire some professional talents to join them for a short time to improve their technology application ability in the above fields, which also promotes the continuous development of the flexible employment market

recently, Michael page (China), a professional recruitment company, released a quick survey report on China's flexible employment market in 2018. It showed that 96% of the respondents were interested in flexible employment, and 35% of the respondents made it clear that they would plan to start this kind of work after working full-time for more than 10 years

peter Smith, managing director of Michael page (China), said that many enterprises welcome the four ball friction and wear tester and wear spot measurement system as a new employment method, flexible employment, because they see two major advantages: first, flexible employment can help enterprises save costs, but it also increases the diversity of benefits and benefits to motivate talents to work; Second, flexible employment can bring new innovation and diversity to the relatively stable organizational structure of enterprises, because flexible employees come from different industries and different technical backgrounds, which can bring new technology and innovation capabilities. In addition, for enterprises, this is also a good solution to break through the staffing constraints. Now, not only foreign enterprises, local enterprises and some large private groups are facing the same problems

he frankly said that there is a misunderstanding about flexible employment, that is, flexible employment only exists in primary transactional jobs. However, it has been found that with the rise of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain and other technologies, enterprises have a relatively large demand for middle and high-end jobs with some professional skills. In these fields, there is a shortage of professionals focusing on flexible employment, and professional consultants are needed to help enterprises search in the market

pet Jurong transportation new material industrial base located in the border town is the only national torch characteristic industrial base in the city. Er Smith said: "This also constitutes a contradiction between the shortage of enterprise employment and the shortage of market professionals. Nowadays, China's consumption oriented economic growth trend is remarkable, coupled with the rising cost of traditional manufacturing, driving the increasing demand for innovative technologies. In many industries such as information technology, digital industry, finance and human resources, the supply of skilled talents has been unable to meet the business needs. Therefore, skilled talents are, artificial intelligence and IOT It is a popular choice when field projects are launched. "

it was learned that this survey also showed the main reasons for the transformation of Chinese professionals to flexible employment positions - 29% of the respondents said that the main driving factor was that there was no financial pressure when making a living. In addition, some respondents said that when they are at the crossroads of career transformation or encounter bottlenecks in career development, they will be interested in flexible employment positions with better impact resistance

however, 78% of the respondents said they were concerned about the salary growth opportunities of flexible employment positions, and they also raised other concerns. For example, 21% of the respondents think that the instability of financial income is the most troubled, 17% of the respondents think that it is difficult for them to invest enough time and energy in short-term employment positions, and 13% of the respondents feel that flexible employment is unstable

peter Smith pointed out that many of the respondents' concerns are "superfluous". In the daily recruitment process, they found that the average salary increase of flexible employment is 10%-30%, and the specific increase will vary according to the specific industry, company and project budget. At the same time, the salary input of large well-known enterprises in flexible employment also includes other welfare policies, such as bonus, annual leave, tax deduction, etc., which are far more than ordinary company welfare benefits. For example, according to the Chinese labor law, if an employee has worked in the company for 10 years, he can enjoy up to 10 days of annual leave every year. However, some well-known large companies can provide 15-20 days of annual leave benefits for flexible employees

"in fact, most of the flexible employment talents recruited by many enterprises today are middle and senior managers, and sometimes even leaders. The demand for such talents' skill portfolio is huge, so job seekers can usually get competitive remuneration and enjoy the annual leave, medical care, bonus and other benefits of exclusive long-term employees." He pointed out. In addition, after successfully completing the flexible employment project, job seekers are likely to obtain similar project invitations from their ideal enterprises. Through different projects, they can also acquire new skills and make themselves more competitive in interviewing for other flexible employment positions and long-term employment positions

it is worth noting that the report shows that in the field of flexible employment, 82% of the respondents prefer trustworthy enterprises with high-quality employer brands, 81% of the respondents focus on whether the salary is competitive, and 66% of the respondents focus on whether they can enjoy the same benefits as employees in fixed positions

(source: 21st Century Business Herald)

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