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Railway construction heavy industry: a "hurry" decade from nothing

railway construction heavy industry: a "hurry" decade from nothing

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ten years ago, the first high-speed turnout production base in southern China was born at the foot of Shifeng mountain in Zhuzhou, determined to promote the automation and localization of track equipment. Ten years later, China railway construction heavy industry, which started here, has created a large intelligent manufacturing enterprise with four industrial sectors, including roadheader, special equipment, track equipment and magnetic levitation equipment, and has mastered a number of core technologies with world leading levels and independent intellectual property rights. Its main economic indicators have increased by 30% for many consecutive years

ten years: three big leaps

in 2010, the first shield machine "pioneer 19" independently developed and designed by China railway construction heavy industry Co., Ltd. successfully started tunneling; Strengthen the research and development of the precision performance of products and make a breakthrough. In 2015, HPS series concrete spraying Jumbo entered Gushan tunnel of Menghua railway and achieved many good results; In 2016, China's first "king of TBM" was successfully completed in the Songhua water diversion tunnel project in Central Jilin; In 2017, the fully computerized three arm rock drilling jumbo showed its skills at the construction site of Zhengzhou Wanzhou Railway... CRCC heavy industry has always focused on the product positioning of non-standard, special, personalized and customized high-end underground equipment and track equipment

during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, China Railway Construction Co., Ltd. established a heavy industry group in the industrial manufacturing sector and opened up strategic emerging industries such as track equipment and underground engineering construction equipment in accordance with the development idea of "actively promoting structural adjustment, integrating resources, optimizing and restructuring, and building an effective sector"

during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, CRCC heavy industry accelerated the research and development of new products, built an industrial manufacturing pattern with mutual support and coordinated development of high-end manufacturing and processing manufacturing, and created a gratifying performance with major economic indicators rising at a growth rate of 30% for many consecutive years

in the "13th five year plan", China railway construction heavy industry took the initiative to connect with the "made in China 2025" strategy, focused on digitalization, actively realized digitalization of R & D and design, roboticization of products, intellectualization of manufacturing, intellectualization of service and intellectualization of management, and created the core competitiveness of digital technology led by digitalization of R & D and design and based on Digitalization of intelligent operation

in the past ten years, with three big strides and three qualitative leaps, CRCC heavy industry has become a world-class professional large-scale enterprise integrating research, design, manufacturing and service of high-end underground equipment and track equipment

deep cultivation: break through the core technology of the industry

at the beginning of the establishment of railway construction heavy industry, there were few independent products of professional underground engineering equipment, and the core technology was controlled by others. In this case, CRCC heavy industry has strengthened its belief that it will not take the shortcut of copying and copying in technology, and will take independent innovation as the development background

take technology as the cornerstone to promote the four industries

the TBM industry, relying on the long-term accumulated construction technology and experience of China Railway Construction Corporation, has built a world-class and domestic leading shield/tbm industry base. The self-developed shield machine has occupied "half" of the domestic market for four consecutive years. The measurement range of TBM and large-diameter shield machines with a market share of more than 85% is: 1H ~ 2967hv is the first brand in China

the special equipment industry has formed four categories of product series, built a huge "special equipment family", and self-developed full computer three arm rock drilling jumbo, concrete spraying jumbo, multi-function operation Jumbo and so on fill the domestic gap

the track equipment industry has the world's most advanced automatic production line for turnouts, spring bars connected to 3-phase 380V, 50Hz fasteners and brake shoes. Its products are leading the international advanced level, not only accounting for one third of the domestic market share, but also exported to more than 30 countries and regions

the maglev equipment industry has the world's largest manufacturing base and the world's most advanced intelligent production line, with an annual output of 60 kilometers of maglev track rows and 40 sets of medium and low-speed maglev turnouts

Innovation: realize overtaking on curves

adhere to independent development, and CRCC heavy industry has built a high-speed turnout production workshop with independent intellectual property rights and leading technology within less than one year of its establishment; As the only high-end TBM manufacturing enterprise in China that has not purchased foreign drawings and patents, it has successfully counter attacked and become a leader in the industry...

in the past ten years, China railway construction heavy industry has implemented an innovative development strategy and built a characteristic R & D system. According to the development characteristics of the four major industries, Clarify the industrialization concept of "independent research and development, global procurement, system integration, and independent property rights" and the independent innovation system of "original innovation, integrated innovation, collaborative innovation, and sustainable innovation", and implement the research and development mode of "design, manufacturing, and construction", so as to put independent innovation in a prominent position to promote the sustainable, coordinated, and rapid development of enterprises, and ensure the successful development of new products and the sustainable development of the industry

build a high platform and make a grand plan. Strengthen the construction of scientific and technological innovation platform, and build a "six in one" scientific and technological innovation platform of national enterprise technology center, engineering technology research center to ensure the normal use of experimental machines, key (Engineering) laboratories, postdoctoral workstations, academician expert workstations, and industrial design center, providing a strong guarantee for the efficient implementation of scientific and technological projects

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