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The consumables and auxiliary devices of inkjet printer (Part 2)

the components specified for ink should maintain a basic parameter, and should be tested and confirmed. All material properties must be compatible, so as to prevent one component in the ink from reacting with another component. In addition, the test must ensure that the ink composition should not react with any part of the printer ink supply system. For example, the most commonly used materials for ink supply systems are plastic and stainless steel, with which ink or dyes cannot react. However, the ink actually used in inkjet printers may react with bronze or copper. It should be emphasized that the sediment in the ink may block the fine nozzle, causing fatal harm and making the printer unable to perform the printing output function. In addition, according to the strict test that the verification waveform of ink jjg1136 (2) 017 used in some inkjet printers is sine wave, it is found that some inks contain carcinogens or other harmful substances. Therefore, the ink developed by the chemical workers who are required to develop ink not only meets the various requirements of the printer, but also, more importantly, it should not contain substances harmful to human body. The clamping fixture should be able to copy the test report containing curves, tabular data and other specifications to meet the requirements of health care

(6) drying performance of ink

when the ink does not penetrate deeply into the surface of the paper, the printing results have waterproof performance, no blur, and can dry quickly. It is not easy to meet this performance requirement. If the ink drying performance is not good, it will have a serious impact on the printing quality, such as reduced contrast, blurred edges of each ink drop, etc. In order to improve the printing quality and solve these technical problems, different manufacturers take different measures, that is, each has its own technology

for example, Epson selected highly alkaline inks with strong activity to make the ink dry quickly, but only a few types of recording paper can be used according to the regulations to obtain the best printing quality. In order to ensure the printing quality, HP adopts a very slow paper feeding speed after printing, and keeps the recording paper after printing in the paper receiving tray for a certain time, so as to have enough time to dry the ink. Canon company takes other measures to ensure the printing quality, such as the bj13o printer uses the method of heating the recording paper, so that the water contained in the water-based ink can evaporate quickly. None of these specific measures can completely solve the printing quality problems including graphics and images, especially for the color ink-jet printer using plain paper, the problem of ensuring the printing quality is more prominent

dataproducts' inkjet printers use different liquid wax inks to overcome the above problems. Because the ink becomes solid in the normal cooling state, this not only solves the drying problem of the ink in the printing mechanism, but also simply overcomes the fuzzy infiltration of the ink droplets on the paper surface and the embossing phenomenon of the hard phase of the sample. Liquid wax ink is the key factor to ensure the printing quality, that is, the ink droplets can solidify immediately when sprayed on the paper, so that the visual perception of the printing quality is not affected by the type and quality of the recording paper. However, there are also some specific problems in selecting liquid paraffin ink to ensure the printing quality, that is, the printing results do not have the ability to completely prevent erasure, and the ink surface of characters, graphics and images may appear cracking, which also cannot meet the requirements of heat resistance

based on the above performance requirements for inks, it is indeed a time-consuming and expensive thing for manufacturers of inkjet printers to develop inks that can meet various performance requirements. There are so many performance requirements, some of which affect each other or even contradict each other. Nowadays, all inkjet printers and ink suppliers strive to achieve the best printing quality on ordinary uncoated white newspapers. This is not only a hot topic to solve the practical technology of inkjet printer, but also a key technical problem to be solved in the future

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