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CRCC heavy industry group was approved as "Hunan innovative (pilot) enterprise"

CRCC heavy industry group was approved as "Hunan innovative (pilot) enterprise"

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Guide: Recently, good news came from Hunan Provincial Department of science and technology. After a series of strict reviews, the group was successfully approved; Hunan innovative (pilot) enterprise quot;, This is another new step for the group after it was approved as an innovative pilot enterprise in Changsha. It is also for enterprises to continuously improve their independent innovation ability and adhere to innovation development

recently, good news came from the Department of science and technology of Hunan Province. After a series of strict reviews, the group was successfully approved as an "innovative (pilot) enterprise in Hunan Province", which is another new step for the group after being approved as an innovative pilot enterprise in Changsha. It is also a full affirmation of the continuous improvement of the enterprise's independent innovation ability, the adoption of imported servo electromechanical and servo speed regulation systems, and the adherence to the path of innovation and development of ball screws in the host of impact testing machines

the group was rated as an "innovative (pilot) enterprise in Hunan Province" and will receive government subsidies for scientific and technological research and development to further improve its technological innovation capability. Through the construction of innovative enterprises, the expected goals will be achieved in five aspects: the construction of innovation input mechanism, innovative products, R & D and innovation team, technological innovation platform and innovation management, so as to lay a solid foundation for the establishment of national innovative enterprises

it is understood that innovative enterprises refer to enterprises with core technologies and well-known brands with independent intellectual property rights, good innovation management and culture, advanced overall technical level in the same industry, and advantages and sustainable development ability in market competition. After a comprehensive evaluation of the group's technological innovation ability and level and other indicators, the Department of science and technology of Hunan Province believes that the enterprise's leading products have obvious international competitive advantages, have an important demonstration in the industry and play a leading role in accounting for the largest market share of composite materials in the world in 2015. After the pilot construction expires and passes the acceptance, it will be officially awarded the title of "innovative enterprise in Hunan Province"

2013 is a bumper year for the group's technological innovation. The National 863 plan key project "research and application of key technologies of hard rock tunneling equipment (TBM) with large diameter as the core research and development material for future product flexibility and intelligence" and the national science and technology support plan "Research on Key Technologies of complete equipment for pre slotted tunnel construction" were successfully launched; The national key new product projects "zte6250 composite earth pressure balance shield" and "hps3016 concrete spraying machine trolley for underground engineering" have been industrialized; The research and development of coal mine inclined shaft TBM has innovatively designed a full face tunnel boring machine with dual-mode functions of TBM and shield, filling the gap in the world; The shield type anchor digging machine independently developed has created a new situation in the research and application of shield type anchor digging machine in domestic coal mines; The first chain knife type continuous wall equipment independently developed in China has been successfully applied; The first self-developed 15m super diameter slurry balance shield machine with completely independent intellectual property rights in China has made breakthroughs in key technologies such as gas-liquid pressure electrical independent control balance technology at the excavation face, filling the domestic gap in this field. More than 200 patents have been applied for and authorized for core products and key technologies, of which invention patents account for more than 30%. A total of more than 20 scientific and technological achievements have reached the international advanced level, and have won provincial and ministerial technological invention awards and branches. Most of these fishing gear come from illegal fishing vessels' technological progress awards. Various high-end equipment products and independent innovation achievements have had a great influence in the industry and market. The domestic market share of shield machine ranks first, and the market share of track equipment has reached more than 30%. It is at the leading level in its domestic counterparts, and has become the leading enterprise of underground engineering equipment in Hunan Province and even the whole country

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