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Railway construction heavy industry: adhere to the transformation from reform and innovation to intelligent manufacturing

railway construction heavy industry: adhere to the transformation from reform and innovation to intelligent manufacturing

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recently, the transformation "zone" mobile mainstream network media entered the Hunan park activity was officially launched. An interview team composed of more than a dozen network media focused on interviewing Yingqing durability Group Co., Ltd. on the 10 experimental machine of China railway construction heavy industry in Changsha Economic Development Zone

leaders of CRCC heavy industry and heads of various departments answered questions

CRCC heavy industry, which was observed by the interview group, has three strategic emerging industry sectors of "roadheader, special equipment and track equipment". The six in one scientific and technological innovation platform of national enterprise technology center, engineering technology research center, engineering laboratory, postdoctoral workstation, academician expert workstation, aluminum powder industrial design center with wide use, large demand and multiple varieties has been built, and the largest shield machine/tbm industrial base in China has been built around building a trillion level new material industry and meeting the needs of the national economy and major projects, Independently developed the first domestic large-diameter hard rock tunnel boring machine, the world's first dual-mode coal mine inclined shaft TBM, the first domestic single shield TBM, double shield TBM, "large buried depth, variable diameter" large-diameter open TBM and minimum diameter TBM, and successively offline the first domestic railway large-diameter earth pressure balance shield machine of 8.8 meters The first 13 meter domestic double track super large diameter slurry balance shield machine, the first 11 meter domestic high-speed railway large diameter slurry balance shield machine and other full face tunneling machine series products, as well as special equipment such as pre slotted tunnel construction equipment, chain knife continuous wall equipment, fully computerized rock drilling jumbo, concrete spraying Jumbo, anchor rod jumbo, multi-functional operation jumbo, shield type anchor digger, environmental protection high-quality machine-made sand equipment and so on, Breaking the foreign monopoly, a number of technologies or products have filled the gap in China and even the world, and successfully entered the first tier of shield enterprises in the world. More than 400 shield machines have been produced in total, of which the market share of shield machines over 8 meters and hard rock tunnel boring machines (TBM) ranks first in China. Shield machines of various specifications have been exported in batches, maintaining a high-speed growth of more than 30% every year, Become the world's leading provider of overall solutions for intelligent equipment for tunnel construction

the world's first long-distance large slope dual-mode coal mine ramp developed by railway construction heavy industry, including aircraft frame, beam, engine turbine disk, landing gear, gas turbine and other large high-end products TBM

when Liu Dan, chief information Engineer of railway construction heavy industry, was asked about the difference between the intelligent manufacturing of railway construction heavy industry and other enterprises, He said, "the ultimate goal of intellectualization, digitalization and informatization is to create value for customers. Therefore, we need to" move "products, workshops and tunnels into computers to create core competitiveness in order to create value for customers and thus create our own profits. Focusing on customers, we first entered the global rock drilling equipment industry from a high starting point. Although we started late, we quickly occupied the market. Our computerized rock drilling jumbo has actually realized localization and intellectualization, and now the domestic market share has reached 90%. Secondly, we have a series of intelligent projects under way, such as assembly robots, intelligent three-dimensional warehouses, and the digital monitoring and command center under construction. "

three dimensional warehouse: build an intelligent central logistics management and control system with the shield machine industry chain as the core

it is reported that CRCC heavy industry has its unique idea of intelligent manufacturing, which is not only reflected in intelligent manufacturing, but also gradually moving towards intelligent digitization in product design, service and other aspects

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