Consumption tax will be levied on disposable plast

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China takes into account the research of major policies, major projects and important work arrangements. Disposable plastic packaging will be subject to consumption tax

the relevant person in charge of the national anti impact performance tax department recently said that in order to protect the environment, the state will include disposable plastic packaging, wooden disposable chopsticks and other environmentally damaging products into the scope of consumption tax collection

According to relevant sources, China will carry out tax reform and adjustment. The taxes to be reformed and adjusted are personal income tax, enterprise income tax and consumption tax. The general principle is to embody fairness, encourage investment and advocate environmental protection

disposable plastic packaging, including disposable plastic fast food boxes that seriously pollute the environment, has been socially negative in the past due to the lack of macro control. 1. This machine adopts PLC control to bear the cost of waste disposal, so the replacement work is difficult to carry out, and people of insight in the industry and outside the industry are very vocal about it

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