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The railway has entered the "post Liu Zhijun era"

after the fall of Liu Zhijun, where will the high-speed railway construction go, how to avoid the corruption and debt risks associated with huge investment, and whether to restart the railway system reform will be difficult problems for successors and higher decision-makers.

as in previous years, this 2011 spring festival, Liu Zhijun failed to celebrate the new year at home, and the Spring Festival transportation, the largest human migration in the world every year, As the Minister of the Ministry of railways, Liu Du had to take the train to inspect and express condolences everywhere. But this year is the last leg of Liu Zhijun's 39 year railway career

on February 12, near the end of work, people began to forward such messages on the Internet: confirmed by the relevant responsible comrades of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, Liu Zhijun, Secretary of the party leading group and Minister of the Ministry of railways, was suspected of serious violations of discipline and is currently under investigation. On the afternoon of February 25, the 19th meeting of the Standing Committee of the Eleventh National People's Congress voted to dismiss Liu Zhijun, and Sheng Guangzu, who was promoted from vice minister of the Ministry of Railways to the General Administration of Customs in 2000, became Minister of railways

at the end of last year, there were rumors within the railway system that Liu Zhijun was expected to be promoted because of his meritorious development of high-speed rail. Things are unpredictable, and the era of Liu Zhijun of the Ministry of Railways has come to an abrupt end. However, the development strategy of leaping over 2014 that he has promoted in the past eight years has deeply branded China's railway system. The Chinese high-speed railway he has made full efforts to build has created a miracle in the history of world high-speed rail development, and has also left a huge debt pressure on his successor, as well as a more complex railway system

after the fall of Liu, the future of China's railway is not clear. It will be a difficult problem for successors and higher decision-makers to choose where the high-speed railway construction that has been on the road, how to avoid the corruption and debt risks associated with huge investment, and whether to learn from the pain and restart the railway system reform that has been shelved for a long time

disaster caused by high-speed railway

according to the information disclosed so far, Liu's sacking began with a large-scale audit of the Ministry of Railways by the National Audit Office in 2007. In that year, the National Audit Office organized the Department of economy and trade, the Department of investment, the Department of foreign investment, some special offices and the transportation audit bureau to audit the financial revenue and expenditure of railway transportation enterprises, railway construction projects, railway industry world Asian bank loan assistance projects and the budget implementation of the Ministry of railways, with an unprecedented scale. Subsequently, the Ministry of supervision received three times the audit transfer letter from the National Audit Office, which reflected that in the railway construction, the relevant private enterprises charged huge intermediary fees through the bidding of railway construction projects, and Liu Zhijun was involved

when calling a number of insiders of the railway system on the day when it was reported that Liu Zhijun was being reviewed, they generally believed that Liu's problem must focus on high-speed rail corruption. On the same day, the media also exposed that Liu Zhijun's sacking was related to Ding Shumiao, a Shanxi businesswoman who started in coal transportation. Ding is the legal representative of Boyou Investment Management Group Co., Ltd. and has a complex relationship in the railway system. According to relevant insiders' memories to business week, Shanxi jinhande environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd., controlled by Boyou group, won the bid in the construction of China's first high-speed railway, Beijing Tianjin intercity high-speed railway, and won the road sound barrier contract with China Railway Electrification group with a total value of 836 million yuan in 2008. Later, the company won the bid in Wuhan Guangzhou high speed railway, Zhengzhou West High Speed Railway and Guangzhou Shenzhen Hong Kong high speed railway projects

from the details that have been exposed, the spearhead also points to a Zhiqi Railway Equipment Co., Ltd. under Ding Shumiao. The company was jointly established in October 2007 by Zhibo transportation equipment Co., Ltd., which is 60% owned by Boyou group, and an Italian steel machinery company named Lucchini. The Chinese side holds 75% shares and the foreign side 25% shares. It is currently the only high-speed EMU wheelset production and maintenance base in China, with a total investment of about 1.1 billion yuan

according to the explanation of railway locomotive experts to business week, the wheel set assembly of high-speed railway multiple units is mainly composed of wheels, axles, brake discs, gear boxes, bearings and axle boxes, which extend and connect the motor and electrical system. It is the core equipment to ensure the safe and reliable operation of high-speed multiple units. As one of the core technologies of high-speed EMU, wheel set technology has high technical content, high machining accuracy and complex manufacturing process. Why can a private enterprise without manufacturing and R & D experience and high-end metallurgical technology monopolize the supply of such key parts on the high-speed railway

for the reasons, zangqiji, a researcher of the Academy of Sciences of the Ministry of Railways and a former participant in the research of the EMU wheelset project team organized by the joint office of the EMU project of the Ministry of railways, seemed to clarify the context after Liu Zhijun was reviewed and the above information was disclosed. He recalled to this newspaper that during the introduction, digestion and absorption of high-speed rail, wheel sets were not included in the localization goal at first. It was not until 2006 that the Ministry of Railways began to consider the localization of wheel sets, and included the research on the localization scheme of wheel sets in the work plan of the EMU wheel set project team established that year. For the wheel set project team of EMU, the Chinese side is led by the Academy of Railway Sciences, with Zang Qiji as the team leader, with the participation of Sifang Vehicle Research Institute, southwestjiaotonguniversity and other units, while the foreign side project team is led by German BVV company and participated by Siemens and other companies

the Chinese side then formulated a detailed work plan and began to have in-depth communication and exchanges with the foreign side. However, we find that the attitude of the foreign side does not seem to be positive. Zangqiji said that the Japanese wheelset technology is in the hands of Sumitomo Group, but Sumitomo does not support China's localization of wheelsets, but hopes to purchase Japanese products directly; Although France and Germany expressed their willingness to cooperate with China, they did not take a positive attitude towards technology transfer

the wheel set technology of Alstom in France comes from Lucchini in Italy, and the wheel set of Siemens comes from BVV in Germany. In order to further promote the wheel set localization project, in 2006, the high speed Office of the Ministry of Railways led a delegation to Germany and Italy to investigate the wheel set technology, and Zang Qiji also followed the delegation. The delegation visited Lucchini and learned that this is an established enterprise with a complete industrial chain from metallurgy to manufacturing. After in-depth negotiations with this company, the company handed over to the Chinese side a list of helping China realize the localization of wheelsets

but obviously, this list is very demanding. It takes 10 years for technology transfer to be completed, and Lucchini has earned enough in 10 years. Zang told BusinessWeek that when they came to Germany, the German side also came up with a similar list, which made the Chinese side dissatisfied

after returning home, the investigation team quickly wrote a detailed investigation report and reported it to the Transportation Bureau of the Ministry of railways. However, if the report was like a bull in the sea, the work of the wheel set project team of the EMU was also stranded. On the basis of investigation, research and analysis, Zang Qiji compiled "Research on Localization Technology of EMU wheelsets", and put forward the key technologies and solutions of localization of EMU wheelsets. He believes that the relevant metallurgical enterprises in China have basically possessed the equipment conditions and experience for rolling steel wheels, and they are capable of solving the key technologies of wheel set production such as metallurgy, heat treatment and finishing. He suggests organizing and cooperating with specialized metallurgical enterprises as soon as possible to independently carry out the localization trial production test of EMU wheels and axles

until 2008, with the arrival of the global financial crisis, the country began to implement the 4trillion economic stimulus plan, part of which was used to support the independent innovation projects of wheelsets. The national development and Reform Commission actively reviews the engineering construction projects reported by all parts of the country, and entrusts China International Engineering Consulting Corporation to review the application projects. As an expert invited by China National consultative corporation, Zang Qiji participated in the project review related to the localization of EMU wheelsets. Zang clearly remembers that at that time, many state-owned and private enterprises in China submitted capital applications and feasibility study reports, some of which were written by Zang

among the enterprises applying for the high-speed wheel set project, Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd. has experience in the production of ordinary train wheel sets, and China Consulting Corporation is also optimistic about it from the review results. For this reason, China Consulting Corporation specially entrusted three experts, Zhou Yimin and Zang Qiji, the former deputy chief engineer of the Ministry of railways, to Taizhong for inspection. During Taizhong's inspection, relevant leaders of Taizhong told them that a female boss who started from coal transportation in Shanxi was also running this project, and had already started public relations in the Ministry of railways

Shortly after that, Taizhong automatically gave up the bidding, and Shanxi businesswoman Ding shumiaocheng became a supplier of China's high-speed rail wheelset products. On February 28, 2009, Zhiqi Railway Equipment Co., Ltd. officially completed and put into operation China's first high-speed EMU wheelset production line, and obtained procurement contracts and letters of intent worth 2billion yuan for 330 EMUs and 10560 platform wheelsets providing high-quality exchange, learning and cooperation in the industrial field from Qingdao Sifang locomotive and rolling stock Co., Ltd

judging from the establishment time of Zhiqi company, Ding Shumiao seems to have a bottom in mind for the future bidding. After the establishment of the joint venture in 2007, a large-scale machinery manufacturing Industrial Park led by the production of high-speed wheelsets began to break ground in Taiyuan high tech Zone. Zhiqi company clearly stated in its internal documents at that time that it would cooperate with the Ministry of railways. The project has also become one of the key projects in Shanxi Province, and has been identified as the localization base project of high-speed rail wheelsets in cooperation between Shanxi Province and the Ministry of railways

later events also showed that the Ministry of Railways did take care of this joint venture led by private enterprises. In order to support the company, the Ministry of Railways also specially transferred a deputy general manager from Changchun Railway Passenger Car Co., Ltd., one of the platforms for the introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation of high-speed rail technology, to the company as the chief engineer. The deputy general manager had a bad fate. During his tenure, a family was killed in a car accident, and then another deputy general manager was transferred from Changchun Railway Passenger Car Co., Ltd. At the end of 2010, zhangshuguang, deputy chief engineer and director of the equipment Bureau of the Ministry of railways, visited Taiyuan and announced on behalf of the Ministry of railways that Zhiqi company would agree to increase the assembly of gear boxes on the basis of the existing wheel and shaft assembly to realize the integration of wheel set assembly of multiple units. On February 28, Zhang Shuguang, who is considered to be the right-hand man of Liu Zhijun, was also suspended for review

at present, although it is generally believed that Liu Zhijun was involved in the Ding Shumiao case, insiders believe that the high-speed railway involves nine core systems, and Ding ate only a small plate of cake. Under the railway administrative system, everyone knows that whoever can overcome Liu Kuayue will get a bigger share of the cake

Liu Zhijun, who was born in Xiangfan, Hubei Province, has been promoted from a Taoist worker to the Minister of railways. He has obviously balked, wears a pair of glasses with large lenses, and has a pair of inverted eyebrows. This kind of eyebrows are called by physiologists as eyebrows inserted into the sky. He is usually arrogant and refuses to live under people. There are many versions of Liu's rise in the industry, but no matter what means he used to fight for the position of minister of great powers, and sat firmly in No. 10 courtyard, Fuxing Road, Beijing for eight years, building China's high-speed railway in an almost paranoid way, the outside world can see his character and work style

many people in the railway system still remember that in November 1994, Han Zhubin, then Minister of railways, put two

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