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From December 12 to 15, the third BMW India exhibition was held in Gurgaon, which is located between the lower beam and the upper beam, known as the satellite city of New Delhi. Railway construction heavy industry once again "went out" to show the strength and brand of "made in China". This is another time for China railway construction heavy industry to compete with international brands on the international stage after its participation in the Berlin rail transit exhibition in Germany and the BMW exhibition in Shanghai this year

China railway construction heavy industry Co., Ltd. went to the BMW India exhibition. The exhibition area of China railway construction heavy industry Co., Ltd. is about 60 square meters, making it the largest booth of the shield exhibitor. The booth adopts the shape design of shield machine, which is vivid and majestic. It uses a variety of models to comprehensively display the main products such as shield machine/tbm, turnouts and spring bar fasteners. The site is equipped with physical pictures of the company's workshop and product acceptance, attracting many visitors to visit or take photos. This exhibition has tapped a number of potential customers, which will help me expand South Asia. Hangzhou full color plastic industry Co., Ltd. (formerly Taizhou Baidu plastic raw materials Co., Ltd.), another policy worthy of close attention, was founded in 2004

it is reported that the biennial BMW India exhibition is hosted by the Munich Expo Group in Germany. It is one of the professional exhibition platforms for construction machinery, mining machinery and tunnel products in South Asia. The exhibition attracted more than 600 exhibitors from more than 25 countries and regions. (this article comes from railway construction, the weight of car body can be reduced by 40 (5) 0% heavy industry)

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