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On November 24, Bauma China 2020 (Shanghai BMW Construction Machinery Exhibition) was grandly held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Nearly 3000 exhibitors at home and abroad gathered together, and tens of thousands of new products and technologies were displayed on the same stage, opening a new chapter in the prosperity and development of global construction machinery in the post epidemic era

at this exhibition, China railway construction heavy industry Co., Ltd. attended the exhibition in full dress, and kept the appointment as scheduled. With the theme of "building super underground engineering equipment and helping the global super engineering construction", it brought the super underground engineering equipment to the new stage, and exhibited the largest diameter shield machine made in China in the largest exhibition hall of the underground engineering equipment industry with an area of 1550 square meters More than 30 PTMC representing the industry's most different molecular weight, such as the first domestic four arm rock drilling jumbo, have products and models with different degradation rates and advanced technologies, showing the world's leading large-scale customized enterprise image of underground engineering equipment and rail transit equipment

among the participating equipment of railway construction heavy industry, there are full face tunnel boring machines that represent the cutting-edge technology of the industry and adapt to complex working conditions; There are drilling and blasting tunnel equipment that help the intelligent construction of national tunnels; Turnout products are exported to many overseas countries and regions; There are also new industrial products such as new transportation equipment, high-end agricultural machinery, green building materials and equipment, emerging engineering materials and so on

in this exhibition, the new super underground engineering equipment of railway construction heavy industry is another new business card of Hunan "super family" after super hybrid rice, supercomputer and ultra-high speed rail transit. It integrates a new generation of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and IOT, as well as the core common technologies of tunnel equipment. It has the characteristics of customization, greening, intelligence and localization, and can adapt to the extremely harsh natural environment, In response to the geological conditions that exceed risks, adopting unconventional design and construction methods to meet the construction requirements of ultra large, ultra long and ultra deep underground space structures will not only solve the urgent construction needs of super projects in China, but also greatly improve the technical level of domestic underground engineering equipment and realize the leap forward development leading the world

guozhizhong is more than big

this exhibition, the domestic largest diameter shield machine "Jinghua" model, a popular red product, was unveiled for the first time. The maximum excavation diameter of "Jinghua" is 16.07m, which is used in the reconstruction project of Beijing East Sixth Ring Road. Targeted policies have been formulated and equipped with a number of core technologies, such as normal pressure tool change, telescopic main drive, efficient transportation and assembly technology of super large diameter and heavy-duty segments, efficient and high-power muddy water circulation system, high-precision gas-liquid independent balance control of the excavation face, so that high-intensity, high-risk and high pollution tunnel excavation operations can be transformed into relatively safe The efficient green construction mode, together with the other three 15 meter and above super diameter shield machines launched by China railway construction heavy industry group Co., Ltd. since this year, has effectively promoted the development of domestic super diameter shield machines to a new level. As an important member of the super tunnel intelligent equipment of railway construction heavy industry, the first domestic four arm rock drilling jumbo was grandly released at the exhibition site, which attracted strong attention. The equipment has four flexible and powerful steel arms, which are similar to "Transformers" in shape. It can be used for tunnel excavation and support operations such as railways and highways, filling the gap of domestic high-end rock drilling construction equipment, greatly improving the efficiency of tunnel excavation, and providing an efficient construction scheme for large-scale tunnel engineering construction

at the new product launch, Liu Jinshu, vice president of the research and Design Institute of special equipment of China railway construction heavy industry, introduced that the equipment has key core technologies such as precise control of drilling with a degree of freedom manipulator, integration of intelligent rock drilling jumbo, and has functions such as full intelligent excavation and drilling, advanced geological drilling and analysis, anchor bolt construction, pipe shed and grouting reinforcement, coordinated charging and prying. In the drilling operation, it automatically realizes the drilling, anti sticking and anti drilling, records the drilling parameters in real time, analyzes the causes of over excavation and under excavation, and immediately optimizes the drilling scheme for the next cycle

compared with the three arm rock drilling jumbo which is widely used in the market at present, the four arm rock drilling jumbo can drill holes with a width of 17.6 meters and a height of 13.4 meters, and the coverage of one operation can reach 200 square meters. Each working arm can automatically complete the drilling operation of 5 meters deep within 2 minutes, which is equivalent to two three arm rock drilling jumbos working at the same time

on the opening day of the exhibition, China railway construction heavy industry received high attention. Audiences from all over the world fully appreciated the style of heavy equipment in large countries and felt the vitality of the vigorous development of China railway construction heavy industry. CRCC heavy industry will show the achievements of high-quality development of the enterprise, and it is best to find a machine clothes photo when it is not in use. It will be presented on site, and a beautiful exhibition transcript will be handed in with excellent business performance

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