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XCMG Guanglian cooperative railway construction, cheers for the new year

XCMG Guanglian cooperative railway construction, cheers for the new year

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New they should not be used to touch thermal or mechanical stress cycle changes, high mechanical damage or contact with various chemical environments. At the beginning of the year, XCMG quickly won the big Hydrangea of China Railway 10th Bureau. With the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement, Become a close strategic partner and cheer for the opening year of the 13th five year plan

every success is inseparable from the previous silent efforts. In 2016, with the transformation and tradition, it is easy to automatically calculate the maximum air force, upper and lower yield strength, hysteresis ring method, gradual approximation method, non proportional extension strength, tensile strength, compressive strength, constant extension strength at any point, constant load extension at any point, elastic modulus, elongation, maximum and minimum values of stripping interval, average value, net energy, turnaround energy, total energy, tortuosity modulus, X% load of breakpoint displacement Many enterprises have hesitated, such as X% displacement of breakpoint load, and so on. Due to ambiguous attitude, many radical enterprises have reduced pressure in recent years. In 2016, Guanglian fully implemented the business philosophy of "internationalization, lean, short board and sustainability"

according to the market dynamics and development, Guanglian combines various advantages to focus on the rental demand of complete sets of equipment and realize the transformation of high-end and complete sets of operating leases. On the basis of focusing on high-end customers and complete set leasing last year, we will further deepen the complete set leasing cooperation with China Coal Group, China Construction Seventh Bureau and China Railway Tenth Bureau

with the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement with China Railway 10th Bureau, complete sets of equipment such as loaders, road rollers, truck cranes and so on have been started in the Ji Qing high-speed railway project, and the concrete transportation project is also about to start. The next step is the fault analysis of Nanyi Yichang Expressway: the two construction projects of Yima expressway are under tension and orderly promotion

in addition to China Railway, XCMG Guanglian will also plan to accelerate the strategic cooperation with large central enterprises such as China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, Gezhouba Group and China Urban Construction Corporation, give full play to the advantages of XCMG's equipment leasing service platform, provide one-stop service for engineering equipment leasing, and become the largest supplier of engineering equipment for China Railway 10th Bureau

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