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New line in book binding layout

in book binding, compared with plain binding, glue binding reduces several processes such as book collision, book binding, back sizing, and Book splitting, reduces labor intensity, improves the degree of mechanization, and shortens the binding cycle; The price of binding machine is generally acceptable to the printing factory; The finished product of the binding book is flat and firm. Binding technology has obvious binding advantages, which is favored by the publishing and printing industry, making it the mainstream in the binding process of printing products

in order to ensure the firmness between pages at the spine of the book after sizing and avoid the existence of page folding after milling, a milling depth line of about 3mm is added at the spine of the book in the layout design, which is a new line different from other binding methods. From this line to the outer cutting line is the finished size of the book. Generally, the spine of a plain book is reserved with a 3 ~ 5mm iron wire stapling opening, and the center of the edition lies between the stapling opening and the outer cutting opening. The layout center of horse riding and sewing is usually in the middle of the outer cut of the spine. There are many factors that affect the biocompatibility of degradable high molecular materials. It can be seen that the spine of flat binding, horse riding binding and sewing is a vertical line in the layout, and the binding books and periodicals extend about 3mm from this line to the outward notch, and then draw a vertical line (size according to the folding method and paper thickness), which is a new line in the printing process

since the back milling depth line of binding books and periodicals is specified in the layout, the function of this line must not be ignored when binding, and it is blindly generated as usual Check whether the upper and lower limits are more appropriate. Some people think that the milled spine can be glued if it meets the requirements without folding the pages. Such a spine is firm, no loose pages, no pages, but it destroys the original design of the layout, and even beyond recognition. It is assumed that the spine of the book should be milled off 4mm, but only 1mm. Because it is milled according to the regulations, the distance between the center of the page and the high-resolution edge of the four 1-way digital acquisition is not equal, which affects the beauty. If the distance between the frame and the four sides is 3mm, or even smaller, then almost all the paper industry is not doing well, resulting in bleeding cutting. In fact, in the binding construction, as long as the person in charge of binding and the person in charge of technology carefully construct, this practice will never appear

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