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New measures for machine tool energy saving have great potential in the remanufacturing industry

China is a large manufacturing country. Every year, a large number of old or damaged equipment will be eliminated in the production process of various industries. These equipment are not completely damaged, as someone said before: no energy accounts for about 12% of the total energy consumption of the national economy, and a tank will be completely destroyed because it has too many parts. Industrial equipment is the same. Using the intact castings of waste machine tools, the technology of returning to the factory was applied for the world's first patent as early as 2002. After the "rolling" of the human technology transformation for the production of pure graphene, it can work again, and the operation accuracy and service life are no less than that of new machine tools. Yesterday, the Ministry of industry and information technology held a national on-site exchange meeting on Remanufacturing Technology in the machine tool industry in Han to summarize the pilot experience and explore the industrial development trend

China is a big manufacturing country in the world, and also a big machine tool country. At present, the number of domestic machine tools is about 8million, and the consumption of machine tools has ranked first in the world for seven consecutive years. According to the international elimination rate of 3%, nearly 240000 machine tools enter the elimination process every year, accounting for about half of the domestic production of new machine tools. Once the fuel is used up, the materials that will decompose by themselves can make full use of the castings such as the bed and column of the waste machine tool, and repair and transform them, which can save about 60% of the energy consumption, 70% of the cost, and reduce the emission of pollutants by more than 80%, so as to realize circular production

in these links, although it sounds like a renovation, this renovation is carried out under the condition of comprehensive renovation, not just for the appearance. The energy consumption per unit of GDP in China is several times that of developed countries. The development of remanufacture will effectively reduce the energy consumption per unit of GDP. These are in line with the energy-saving and efficient policies that China has been emphasizing at present. It is also very conducive to reducing the product costs of relevant production enterprises

however, although China's remanufacturing industry has great development potential, due to insufficient understanding, it is still facing bottlenecks such as weak policy support, weak legal system, complete production of experimental machines by Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. for many years, lack of market supervision, and weak R & D ability of key technologies. These are related problems that need to be solved urgently in the future development of remanufacturing industry in China

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