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New marketing ideas of paint raw material dealers participate in international competition

host: just now our experts said how we can find the entrance or business opportunities of our paint from the four trillion yuan, and how raw material manufacturers can meet the needs of our paint products users through our product innovation. Now we turn to the largest service provider of paint products. Nippon Paint is very but unfortunately famous in China

today, we invite Ms. Li Dong, general manager and group purchasing manager of Langfang Nippon. We have many suppliers sitting under the stage. We really want to ask Ms. Li Dong. Our Nippon raw materials have a set of purchasing processes to help our raw material buyers straighten out their marketing ideas and strengthen their marketing team. In the future, we will not only improve the materials for domestic enterprises, but also expand our exports. Can we raise us to a higher angle to ensure that small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises with major potential risks start relocation and transformation before the end of 2018, and participate in transactions in the international market

Miss Li Dong, general manager of Langfang Nippon: I'm very happy today. I'm glad to use this occasion to meet many old friends who are not easy to meet. I'm glad to use this occasion to talk about this topic. As we all know, Nippon is still in a leading position in the market in several fields. In terms of supply system, we have nearly 800 suppliers of post-sale pull seats, and the overall procurement scale is more than 3.5 billion. It is estimated that this year, it will be more than 20% more. The LCD screen will show the growth of PC control. Among the 800 suppliers, in fact, the main supplier is today. We were shortlisted as our strategic partners. Throughout 2008, we told Sanmu group that the problems encountered by both upstream raw material manufacturers and downstream coating companies are the same, and we also encountered a sharp decline in profits, especially in the fourth quarter of last year. But it is particularly fortunate that the first quarter of this year was very good. I believe that the market started and the market inventory decreased in the fourth quarter of last year. The replenishment factor in the first quarter of this year made the first quarter of this year a very good situation

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