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At present, many automobile manufacturers in the world have substituted methanol and ethanol for fuel in order to reduce the pollution of fuel to the atmosphere and increase thermal efficiency. However, the permeability of the containing materials must be considered when using this fuel with high volatile components. In order to meet the above requirements, we must carefully select and seek new uses when purchasing the experimental machine. DSM company has successfully developed a new material PA46, which has become an indispensable part of people's life. Compared with PA66 and PA12, this material has a lower transmittance to methanol containing fuel oil, and also has excellent physical and mechanical properties, especially good dimensional stability at high temperature. Compared with PPO and PPS, PA46 can better maintain creep resistance, heat aging resistance, shock resistance and rigidity under the hood temperature, and has excellent impact strength at room temperature and low temperature. The high rigidity at 190 ℃ makes the wall thickness of the parts made of PA46 thinner than that of other pa, and the good fluidity can shorten the forming cycle and reduce the product cost

because PA46 has the characteristics of low permeability and good high temperature resistance, it is the most suitable material for making automotive fuel system components such as fuel tank lining, activated carbon canister, fuel distributor, etc. It is used for injection molding fuel tank and activated carbon cylinder. Using the low transmittance of PA46, it can replace the original 30% glass fiber reinforced PA66 and PPS; Originally, PA12 was used to extrude automobile oil pipes. Because the methanol permeability of PA46 is more than 85% lower than that of PA12, PA46 is now used more and more

pa 46 has excellent comprehensive performance, which has attracted considerable attention in the industry, and its use is also expanding

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