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Yanfeng automobile interior adds a new one-step foam backing process

Johnson Controls and Yanfeng automotive trim Systems Co., Ltd. Xincheng Martin Martinez added: "Another joint venture Yanfeng automotive interior company has developed a direct one-step foam backing process for the production of automotive interior panels.

this process uses PU foam to directly back the stitched overlays with foam. In order to prevent foam from passing through the sewing holes in the fabric of 8.100 ± 10mm/min;, a layer of film is coated on the back of leather or artificial overlays.

the company said that this process can complete the stitching of overlays and films in one step The process of inserting foam tools and foam backing

Oliver Becker, executive director of senior product development and sales process innovation, said that this innovation is ready for production

he said that this process will "improve the quality of leather overlays and the accuracy of visible stitches to an unprecedented level."

this process means that leather wrapped and conventional covered instrument panel surfaces, as well as door panels, can be produced on the same production line with one tool. It is reported that the cost of this innovation is only 1% of the price of silver. What are the calibration methods of the electronic universal testing machine? Reduce the use of tools by half. It can not only reduce the cost of tools and processes, but also be customized for cockpit production

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