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Whether the landscape lighting of more than 3000 enterprises is blue sea or red sea

the landscape lighting project of the G20 summit in Hangzhou and the BRICs meeting in Xiamen surprised the world, created a colorful city business card for the two places, and promoted the rapid development of night tourism economy in the two places. These two typical projects are the exact reflection of the hot landscape lighting market in China in the past two years. In 2016, the scale of China's landscape lighting market reached 55.8 billion yuan. It is expected that the scale of China's landscape lighting market will reach 67.8 billion yuan in 2017, with a growth rate of 21.5%. China has become the world's largest landscape lighting market

at the Guangzhou lighting festival in the past, many gorgeous light shows made people marvel at the charm of landscape lighting, and also made many led enterprises happy - in recent years, with the maturity of LED industry technology and the country's efforts to promote the development of smart cities and urbanization, the field of urban landscape lighting has gradually opened up the market, and many enterprises have made layout, which also brought new changes and challenges

more than 3000 enterprises have joined the board, and the blue ocean has become a red ocean.

in recent years, the state has frequently issued a number of policies to promote the development of LED lighting, including the "ten cities and ten thousand lamps", the 12th Five Year Plan and the 13th five year plan, which have repeatedly mentioned the need to promote the development of green lighting, outdoor lighting and other public lighting fields

under the weight of layers, China's landscape lighting market has exploded. In 2016, during the G20 Hangzhou summit alone, the investment in landscape lighting projects in Hangzhou was close to 1billion yuan. According to the statistics of relevant institutions, the scale of China's landscape lighting market reached 55.8 billion yuan in 2016, and it is expected that the scale of China's landscape lighting market will reach 67.8 billion yuan in 2017, with a growth rate of 21.5%

after the G20 summit, only half a year later, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Changsha, Xi'an, Hohhot, Xiangtan, Wuhai, Hanzhong, Yumen and other cities joined the urban landscape lighting construction and transformation projects, with a single contract amount ranging from 10 million to 300 million

the project will attract tens of millions of markets, attracting many enterprises to participate in the layout. "Chaos war. Now many enterprises of landscape lighting have entered this market competition, and the price has also started a scuffle. It is not clear when it will end." Xiaojianjun, manager of the Development Department of Dongguan Hongfu Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., said to the LED lighting scheme

"in fact, there is a great demand for landscape lighting every year, especially in the holidays every year, such as the Spring Festival Hytrel and the national day. We have also done landscape lighting projects before, but the competition among peers is large, and we need to spend too much energy to manage the relationship with the government. Finally, we still have to give up landscape lighting, and now we have transformed into home lighting, mainly for export." Wu Yi, general manager of Dongguan Yiguang lighting appliances, also said that landscape lighting is now highly competitive

according to the data, there are more than 200 enterprises with first-class qualification of "professional contracting of urban and road lighting", more than 500 enterprises with second-class qualification and more than 3000 enterprises with third-class qualification in the industry. This means that more than 3000 enterprises can participate in the market competition of landscape lighting

ppp mode is dominant, and government regulations need to be filled in urgently.

as landscape lighting mainly serves public lighting areas, it is related to the life experience of urban residents, and can even reflect the humanistic style of the city, becoming one of the main labels of the city, so landscape lighting projects should be approved by the government and led by the government

"80% of landscape lighting is government projects, so enterprises have to deal with the government anyway. To enter this market, we need a good relationship. Our company has done more than 30 million projects before, and we need to coordinate with the government all the time. The collection cycle is as long as years. Sometimes some projects are likely to become a problem left over by history as long as the leadership changes." Wu Yi said

around 2015, Premier Li Keqiang vigorously promoted the implementation of PPP mode in the field of infrastructure and public services, that is, social capital should undertake the design, construction, operation and maintenance to meet the market demand for high-performance materials, protect most of the work of infrastructure, and obtain a reasonable return on investment through "user payment" and necessary "government payment"; Government departments are responsible for the price and quality supervision of infrastructure and public services to ensure the maximization of public interests

as landscape lighting itself has the nature of public lighting, it must also apply to PPP mode. Now many well-known enterprises in the industry, such as Jingze lighting, Feile sound, lyade, Wuxi lighting, Foshan Lighting, have successfully entered this market. From the perspective of announced projects, the basic projects exceed 10 million, and even many projects exceed 100 million yuan. The return is scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, industrial and mining enterprises, technical supervision The ideal test equipment for commodity inspection and arbitration departments is huge

Xiao Jianjun reminded that in the process of implementing landscape lighting, we should pay more attention to light pollution and other issues, He said to the LED lighting scheme: "Landscape lighting is mainly a beautification project of the city, which will make people feel fresh at the beginning, but now all kinds of urban lighting projects are being carried out in an overwhelming manner, which will not only cause a waste of energy, but also easily lead to light pollution in the long run. Therefore, the government needs more policy norms. The government not only needs to be able to guide enterprises to participate in the development of this market, but also needs to regulate this market, and the relevant standards and policies should be done well."

at present, there is a problem that the development of urban landscape lighting lags behind the overall urban planning in China. It is often developed by building other public projects in the city first, and then adding landscape lighting projects. The asynchrony in synchronous planning has caused energy waste and light pollution. It can be said that there is a considerable gap in the national policy guidance in landscape lighting planning that needs to be filled

in October this year, the Shanghai government announced and implemented the "Shanghai landscape lighting master plan", which not only filled the blank of Shanghai landscape lighting planning, but also put forward the landscape lighting concept of "controlling the total amount, optimizing the stock and moderate development" in the upsurge of "lighting up the city". In the future, with the implementation of landscape lighting in many places, the relevant policies will only be more perfect

energy saving precedes intelligence, avoiding homogenization

at present, the lighting field is pursuing the combination of intelligence, almost to the point where lighting must be intelligent. However, industry insiders believe that according to the current situation in the landscape lighting field, the demand for energy saving is far more priority than intelligence, and the intellectualization of landscape lighting is actually more for the energy-saving service of landscape lighting

Chen Boxiong, technical consultant of the engineering center of Zhongshan pilot Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., said: "Products in the field of landscape lighting are not technology-based, because they are close to people's lives. It is not that the higher and more intelligent technology inside will be popular. Landscape lighting products that are more attractive and acceptable to the people are often popular. Moreover, LED is mainly used in landscape lighting. LED can always extrude tubes, rods and profiles; there are problems in heat dissipation. When landscape lighting is applied in a large area Lighting is more obvious. Most of the energy is converted into heat energy, which is very wasteful. This problem needs to be solved. "

Cao renfei, engineering director of the R & D Department of Zhongshan Huayi Lighting Co., Ltd., agrees with this statement, He said: "because now landscape lighting will consume a lot of power and resources, outdoor landscape lighting pays more attention to energy conservation rather than intelligence. At present, products on the market are mainly for simple durability and lightning protection. In the future, some demands for intelligent control and human body induction may be added, but they are also carried out around the premise of energy conservation and environmental protection."

Huang Zengrong, an electronic engineer in the Development Department of San'an optoelectronic applications, also said: "the current intellectualization of landscape lighting mainly refers to the mode adjustment, that is, to formulate corresponding modes specifically for the Spring Festival, holidays and some major festivals, and add a daily mode. At present, the intelligent mode of landscape lighting on the market is very simple, and the main demand is to be able to remotely adjust the lighting."

in addition, the homogenization of landscape lighting has also attracted the attention of people in the industry. It is generally believed that the prominent problem of landscape lighting at present is the lack of differentiation in different landscape types. Night tourism system and characteristic cultural night tourism products have not been formed, and there are homogenization problems similar to many cities

chenboxiong said, "landscape lighting mainly serves urban life and reflects urban culture. Therefore, I personally believe that landscape lighting projects should be novel and diversified to avoid sameness. Different cities should have different landscape lighting projects."

Huang Zengrong said: "although landscape lighting does not need too much intelligence, to beautify the environment and improve the appearance, it will definitely need to adjust the light and color. Enterprises need to strengthen the light and color to avoid homogenization, maintain the freshness of landscape lighting, and save energy consumption."

The development of landscape lighting should be closely related to the future development planning of the city, and the development of landscape lighting in China has not been synchronized with the urban development planning for a long time. However, with the deepening of urbanization and the national efforts to promote the development of smart cities, urban landscape lighting will be more synchronized with urban planning in the future, and will also be deeply connected with IOT

Chen Jie, senior engineer of Infineon, said that in the future, landscape lighting will be jointly developed with the overall smart city. He said: "in the future, outdoor lighting such as landscape lighting and building lighting need to be supported by smart city development. Synchronous planning can make the solution more in line with the pace of urban development, and can truly integrate lighting into the IOT, benefiting thousands of households."

for this reason, he suggested that intelligent digital ICs be widely used in LED drivers, He said: "Infineon is now pushing the intelligent digital IC for LED. It is better at signal calculation than the traditional analog IC. At the same time, it has the advantages of high precision, low power consumption, anti-interference, reliable and undistorted, and convenient setting and modification. It is more suitable for large-area and complex environment applications such as landscape lighting. Our design scheme can integrate intelligent control, provide a special communication interface, and can communicate with external WiFi modules and wireless modules And other protocols. "

however, he also pointed out that the quickest and most convenient solution would be to achieve a unified interface on the LED driver and achieve a universal interface. He said: "For large-scale outdoor lighting projects such as landscape lighting and building lighting, if you want to deeply connect with the concepts of smart city and IOT, the most convenient thing is to need a standard universal interface to cooperate, that is to say, no matter how people walk outdoors or how the external environment changes, LED drivers can provide a standard interface to meet the requirements of communication, dimming and color matching, which is important for product upgrading Generation is also more convenient. "

source: LED lighting scheme

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