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Customer service system: intelligent or stupid

for today's consumers, research and shopping behavior have been integrated: through a series of different devices, research and Analysis on, and then consumption. There are various types of equipment: notebook computer, tablet computer, intelligent and self-service information desk

customers expect information to be released all day (24/7), including before, during and after purchase. They hope to obtain the latest information continuously and consistently through any channel they like. Customers not only expect the most timely replies and the latest information from different channels, but also hope that the company can foresee its future needs

the company still underestimates the impact of customer service quality on the relationship between the company and customers. Now customers have more influence. They can find most of the information related to purchasing on, so they rely less and less on the interaction between salespersons and manufacturers. In fact, most purchasers will choose not to communicate directly with salespersons or manufacturers

this change is not only a pity for most enterprises, but also a disadvantageous factor: the company's continuous efforts in marketing or sales have been subverted, which is the basis of the company's existence. A few smart companies will actively take advantage of this WDW ⑴ 0/20/30 microcomputer controlled floor type electronic universal experimental machine, which is a new generation of microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine specially designed for colleges and universities and scientific research institutes, and turn it into their own competitive advantage. However, doing so requires some positive preparation and the establishment of active customer service mode

but how can we help enterprises establish a seamless and omni channel experience to meet (if not exceed) customers' expectations

mind touch is an experience software company. For the above problems, they put forward three basic guidelines in order to lay the foundation for the company to create excellent customer service:

1. Put all information in a unified database

create a centralized knowledge base for all product information through a truly collaborative methodology and workflow. Usually, these materials are scattered in various independent departments of the company, so they cannot be accessed through a unified view, and it is impossible for everyone to access them. In this way, customer support representatives or personnel from various channels can get the information they need

AAR, CEO of mind touch "We also use the experience we have learned from one industry. On Fulkerson said that all product information from the company's product, sales, technical support and marketing departments should be stored in a unified hub, and can be easily updated and shared through API. Important information from the centralized customer database should also be integrated, and can not be used as a way to interrupt key application and make customers and agents feel comfortable when applying v-collet to hold the test piece Dealers can see the history of transactions. In order to keep content fresh and relevant, customers should be allowed to prioritize content updates and continue to create new content based on content analysis

2. Let everyone get consistent and true information

establish a cross channel strategy so that all customer-oriented channels have the same information, and everyone can update these information quickly and consistently. Ensure that your stations, call centers, retail stores, and even your partners have the same information at the same time, which can eliminate the inconsistency of information obtained by customers through different channels

when an enterprise merges information from many experts and external channels, this may be very difficult. Therefore, it is very important to have an API that can integrate with any customer-oriented system. This makes the solution a plug and play cross channel information platform that can provide consistent information for all channels

3. Don't expect the customer's mind to change rapidly

keep tracking the customer from the beginning to the end of the purchase. Many companies forget users after they buy them. The post purchase experience is as important as the pre purchase experience. Customers with poor after-sales experience are more likely to spread their dissatisfaction through social channels, blogs and other channels. This will cause customers to flow to your competitors

the stupid customer service system has come to an end. Intelligent customer service is a new industry standard. Fool type customer service systems often adopt a slippery state to answer common questions, which is a static and outdated support method. Intelligent customer service is a self improving system, which enables customers to understand similar situations faced by other customers, as well as solutions provided by suppliers, partners and customers

some other innovative companies in the customer service field, including salesforce, Zendesk, XWiki, social text, and so on, are also helping to promote this change. Whether customers can quickly find the right answer determines whether you win or lose a customer forever. If acquiring and retaining customers is the goal of the enterprise, then intelligent support system is the winning strategy

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