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100% expensive, is children's paint worth it

100% expensive, is children's paint worth it

July 27, 2015

[China paint information] the summer vacation is coming, and a new round of children's room decoration demand is also emerging - many children are about to enter school, because they grow up, the original use method will be different, and they will face problems such as function adjustment and changing the decoration style. In the process of decoration, repainting the wall is the common choice of many parents. However, during a recent visit to home shopping malls, I learned that children's paint specially used for children's rooms is expensive, and its price is nearly 100% higher than that of products of the same brand and the same "premium products". Children's paint is really a penny for a penny, the more expensive the better? How should consumers choose? What is the difference between children's paint and ordinary paint

a there are many concepts of children's paint, which make people dizzy

when entering home shopping malls, many "new concepts" of children's paint make people dizzy: "excellent decomposition of formaldehyde", "decomposition of formaldehyde with bamboo charcoal", "prevention of children's allergic asthma", "zero formaldehyde", "pure no addition"... According to incomplete statistics, more than 30 paint enterprises have launched children's concept paint products in some conventional home shopping malls

when I visited the paint market, I found that the price doubled immediately after the paint was marked as "for children". Take the product of a well-known foreign brand as an example. In general coatings, the most expensive Hejing Jingwei five in one wall paint 5L costs 543 yuan after discount, while children's paint is 999 yuan. Another well-known foreign brand of full-effect bamboo charcoal children's paint 5L is sold for 899 yuan, instead of the bamboo charcoal fresh home five in one interior wall emulsion paint 5L, which is not specifically for children, is sold for 459 yuan, and the difference between the two prices is 96% locally amplified

however, from the main parameters shown in the product appearance logo, we have not found any difference in environmental protection indicators between children's coatings and general coatings. Why is the price difference so amazing

a salesperson explained: "generally, coatings may have additives such as formaldehyde, but children's paint uses water as solvent, and there are no volatile substances such as formaldehyde and benzene. After brushing, it can maintain the safety of indoor air." However, one of the highest non children's coatings in the venue is also marked with "no addition, true and clean taste, super environmental protection". Is there really a difference between the two? The salesperson didn't say why. Similarly, in more brand stores, the salesperson only gave general terms such as "more environmentally friendly" and "better scrub resistance" to the characteristics of children's paint

b children's paint, not even the national standard

why so many salespeople can't say a reason for children's paint? This is because there is no standard for children's paint in China so far, and businesses naturally have different opinions. According to the relevant person in charge of a coating, there is only one domestic standard related to children's coating at present, namely, the specification for children's water-based interior wall coating issued by Shanghai Chemical Building Materials Industry Association, which has been implemented since October 1, 2014. It was proposed by the association and drafted by 18 units including Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission and Shanghai Academy of Building Sciences. However, because it only belongs to local standards, its exemplary role is limited

in addition, some large paint enterprises will produce children's paint according to their own standards, which may be higher than the standard of ordinary paint, but the enterprise standard is generally not published, so ordinary consumers have no way to know. The delivery time is two to three working days, and due to the lack of national standards in the children's paint market, the supervision and sampling inspection of this product is also lack of basis for the first production line

although there is no national standard, children's coatings have attracted much attention in the market. It should be repaired in time. Now citizens pay more and more attention to environmental protection, coupled with the increase of children's leukemia patients, it makes people pay special attention to the environmental protection of children's room decoration. Children's paint is swarming out, which is precisely because the paint manufacturers have taken a fancy to the psychological needs of parents

c is the high price of children's paint not worth it

now many high-end brands have launched children's coatings, and the price is much more expensive than ordinary coatings

most of the salesmen say that children's products have lower VOC (volatile organic compounds) and free formaldehyde emissions, which are more environmentally friendly and safer. Its scrubbing resistance is better than other products, which can cooperate with children's nature of painting on the wall

however, the test results of VOC, free formaldehyde and other indicators in the product description, many general coatings and children's coatings are marked as "not detected", which is very different from the "very far" said by the salesperson. "At this stage, children's paint is more just a gimmick." Said an expert of the paint Association who did not want to disclose his name

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