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Is the injection molding field of medical equipment worth capital investment

the development of injection molding field of medical equipment has different meanings for different manufacturers: for example, it can be the transition from auto parts manufacturing industry, or the involvement in new cutting-edge industries, but it is definitely not in the current period of economic recession and difficult to recover quickly. Medical equipment forming chamber of Commerce tells you that joining the medical equipment forming and manufacturing industry requires time, financial resources, energy and so on. Columbia plastics Ltd A few years ago, he began to get involved in the medical equipment manufacturing field of clean studio. Richard, the vice president of marketing, said, "the medical molding field will provide you with a lot of sustainable business, but it will also bring some obstacles, which many injection molding companies do not understand. There is a lot of early investment and preparation work, such as long-term product development cycle and many clinical trials. At the same time, ISO standards may also hinder the long-term development of products."

so is it worth the investment? For the right manufacturer, the answer is certainly yes, but are you the right manufacturer

demand? have Obstacles? Also

there is no doubt that the demand for medical equipment is rising all the way. According to the data of a market research company in the United States, it is expected that the value of the U.S. medical market will increase at an average annual rate of 8% by 2016. With the arrival of the baby boom, the demand for medical products will rise from $412 billion in 2006 to $575 billion in 2011 and reach $800billion in 2016

if you want to become a manufacturer of medical supplies, you must consider a series of problems clearly. The first obstacle can be summarized as: economic stability. "Any medical equipment manufacturer must ensure its good financial situation in order to obtain a long-term and stable sales contract. Suppliers and mold injection enterprises must perform their respective responsibilities, so as to establish a long-term cooperative relationship between them." Richard said

the second standard to be passed is to have a good production record. "In addition to financial stability, the most important thing suppliers pay attention to is the production history of mold and injection molding enterprises," said Ryan, President of czuba enterprises, who stepped up the national reserve and crackdown this year. "If you haven't done similar work before, it's hard to convince other companies to provide you with this medical parts contract." Maybe the experience of auto parts molding technology can help, but it's not as strict as you think, because it's not as strict as the standards of the medical industry

how to get out of trouble

getting a production contract can help accumulate experience in manufacturing medical accessories, but how can an enterprise get experience without a contract? There is no difficulty in solving this dilemma. "If your company is just involved in the field of medical products molding, you can hire experienced people in this industry to help you quickly improve, 4 servo control oil source (including imported proportional servo valve) 1 set sends such a signal at the same time - you are serious about doing this thing. 7. Another good way to print the experimental report and data query and summary in the specified format is to find a company that has started to cooperate and jointly develop business. " Ryan said

it is also crucial to have a good historical record. "Traceable production records are critical in the field of medical devices, and they are now more necessary than ever. FDA (the U.S. Food and Drug Administration) told molders that they must maintain the quality and records of molds at the highest level. If molders cannot show records of relevant superior skills, they will not be able to continue production."

another prerequisite is the ability to provide a sterile production environment. However, different from what many people understand, molders without sterile rooms can also enter the field of medical supplies. "Manufacturers can start with the so-called white room without complex air quality monitoring and filtration systems, but the cleanliness of the environment can meet the production standards of most medical products."

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