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Is the highly respected sharp screen Samsung LCD really good

at present, LCD panel manufacturers mainly include sharp in Japan, Samsung and LGD in South Korea, Youda optoelectronics and Qimei electronics in Taiwan, China, BOE and csot in the mainland, etc. Among them, there are core patented technologies, and the most respected ones are: sharp ASV technology CPA screen, Samsung S-PVA screen, LGD IPS screen

is sharp screen and three-star screen really good

it can be seen from the promotion pages of e-commerce and stores that sharp and Samsung will basically publicize that their TVs use original screens in the most prominent places in the city, and deliberately establish the image that our original screens are synonymous with high image quality, and many consumers will be happy to pay for this feature. At the same time, there are also many screen sweethearts on major forums. As long as it is sharp and Samsung, it is blindly sought after. As long as it is Taiwan and mainland, it must be synonymous with low-end goods

the above view cannot be said to be completely wrong. After all, in terms of the characteristics of the panel itself, sharp and Samsung LCD screens do have their own inherent advantages, and they do have better performance in terms of image quality, but the LCD panel is one of the experimental machine factors that determine the high image quality for the majority of users to better use, but it is by no means all. Because the LCD panel also includes drive IC and circuit, as well as more than ten components such as polarizer, filter, polarizer and backlight system, the quality of these components will also affect the final performance of the panel

secondly, even if sharp panel is used to match all original accessories based on the above research basis, the screen itself has the difference between high-end and low-end. Among them, sharp's own four-color LCD technology used in high-end TV models is the highest level, which is basically controlled by sharp itself, and other brands will not mention it in publicity

finally, with decades of product accumulation, sharp, Samsung, Sony and other established manufacturers can't catch up with ordinary newcomers in color management and detail adjustment. For example, although many high-end models of Sony TVs use Taiwan screens, they still have great advantages in image quality, which fully illustrates the importance of color adjustment and accessories in the later stage

is there any relationship between the production line algebra and quality of LCD panels

LETV advertises that super TV adopts the world's only 10 generation line panel. In fact, this has nothing to do with the image quality, because it is a misunderstanding that the production line algebra of LCD panel is related to the quality of the screen. The main way to distinguish the production line algebra is the different cutting process of LCD screen. Generally speaking, the production line below 5 generations can only cut LCD screens with a size of less than 20 inches, and the production line above 6 generations can only cut LCD screens with large screens. Among them, generation 6 is more suitable for cutting 37 and 42 inch screens, generation 7 is suitable for cutting 40 inch screens, generation 8.5 is suitable for cutting 55 inch screens, and generation 10 of sharp Guishan is suitable for cutting 60 Inch screens

the cutting method of the screen has nothing to do with the quality of the LCD panel. The whole LCD panel involves backlight, polarization, control circuit, color filter, LCD screen and other parts, which is a comprehensive evaluation. On the contrary, the new production line will have the possibility of unstable factors, while the lower generation production line is generally relatively stable, so it is not accurate to judge the quality of the screen only from the algebra of the production line

how should users who pay attention to image quality choose TV

at the end of the topic, the limit requirements should also be further tightened to the user's choice level. How should ordinary users choose the TV with the best image quality? The author summarizes the following three points:

first, if you are rich and handsome and have a sufficient budget, try to choose the high-end models of TV manufacturers such as sharp, Sony and Samsung, which have deep experience and technical advantages, because they often use the top-level panels and the latest picture quality improvement technology, and the principle of "you get what you pay for" is also applicable in the TV field

second, if you need to take into account the factors of image quality and cost performance, you should consider the panel, brand, technology and other comprehensive factors of the TV itself, and try to choose the medium-end models of foreign brands or domestic medium and high-end products. In addition, when the panel parameters, technology and driving circuit are not different, try to choose the original panel models of Samsung and sharp at this time

third, if you are shy and still want to give priority to image quality, you need to know how to make choices. For example, at present, many brands of TVs have the functions of explaining the product details, intelligence, network, voice, etc. of the horizontal tensile testing machine for steel wire rope, and the corresponding cost will also increase a lot. At this time, if you choose products with the same price, but without other functions, the image quality may also be slightly better

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