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Is the hardware industry of the "double 11" a foil or an important role

"double 11" hardware industry, is it a foil or an important role

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original title: is the hardware industry of "double 11" a foil or an important role

the magic of Internet has turned singles' day into a shopping Carnival! Up to the first double 11 event in 2009, it has been the 10th year since the e-commerce double 11 war. E-commerce companies of all sizes have done their best to sharpen their swords. However, double 11 seems to be more closely related to life e-commerce. As the pillar of the national economy, the "hardware and electromechanical" industry seems to be a little neglected in front of such a huge opportunity. Can the hardware and electromechanical industry only be the foil of the double 11

hardware industry refers to the industry engaged in hardware processing, manufacturing, production, smelting, mining and other activities, which also doomed the embarrassment of the hardware industry. For consumers, it may not be as urgent as food, clothing, housing and transportation, but it is also indispensable

we know that it is easy for consumer goods to be e-commerce, because everyone is the customer of consumer goods e-commerce. However, the hardware and electromechanical industry is very different from it. The customers they face are more professional, and most of the time they are mainly dealers and manufacturers. Therefore, the hardware industry in the double 11 may become a foil! But this year's double 11, I saw the division of double 11 hardware and electromechanical. It seems that the mXz ⑴ friction coefficient meter produced by Jinan Sida testing technology company in the hardware industry is slowly moving towards the important role of double 11

on the whole, the blessing of the "double eleven" on hardware products makes another classification become obvious - professional use and non professional use. For the products used in different industries that do not specifically determine the applied sensors, the sales volume of such products has increased rapidly due to e-commerce and the double 11 Shopping Festival, which can almost be compared with large e-commerce households such as clothing, shoes and hats, electronic products, etc. For all kinds of tools used professionally, those users who like DIY are willing to buy a set of professional tools with discounts to try and improve their hands-on ability. This group of people has also brought a large market for some professional tools

with the fierce competition in the industry and the development of interconnection, many hardware and electromechanical enterprises and merchants have begun to realize the importance of e-commerce, but they believe that e-commerce is mainly used in dashboard, seat cushion, seat back, headrest, door, armrest, car ceiling, door inner panel, seals and other parts; 2. I don't know enough about the use of automotive functional parts (including exterior trim parts and various functional parts), and I'm thinking about how to pay for the tens of thousands of transactions of electromechanical products? The transportation cost of products is also very high. Who will supervise the goods in the whole transaction process? This may be the reason why e-commerce in the hardware industry once hesitated and has been reduced to a supporting role

however, with the rise of hardware vertical e-commerce such as tmall, all this has long been no longer a problem, and enterprise procurement may play a more important role in the future double 11. I believe that in the future, enterprise procurement can also feel the carnival of the "double 11" to better empower and upgrade enterprises

next, I'll introduce how native cat enterprise shopping will serve enterprises

when the local cat enterprise purchase is still at the lowest level in the industrial industry to the enterprise hardware tool demand, it will first carry out the relevant maintenance condition analysis, tool matching and use suggestions and one-to-one price comparison for the enterprise, and guide them to purchase and place orders through the enterprise purchase platform. One click batch uploading of purchase list forms simplifies the purchase process and relieves the cumbersome pressure of buyers. At the same time, the strong supply chain of tmall has realized the demand of customers for all kinds of supplies, and met their purpose of saving money and improving efficiency. Tmall enterprise adopts the manager's order centralized after-sales docking service, which greatly saves the cumbersome after-sales links between the enterprise and many brands

in general, tmall enterprise purchase starts from user demand orientation, and has solved the hardware tool purchase problem for Baolong Group, Vanke Group, Shenzhen Metro, Guodian and other enterprises and institutions by virtue of 8 value services, such as exclusive service, personalized recommendation, one-stop centralized purchase, cost control, VIP exclusive price, formal invoice, quick order, after-sales worry free

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