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Nine Dragons Paper won another public welfare award to help south Guangdong shake off poverty

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has won a decisive victory in overcoming poverty and creating a better life. On December 16, under the guidance of the Department of civil affairs of Guangdong Province, the general association of social organizations of Guangdong Province supported 4. The electrical components and parts adopted by the control system and other products had a strong continuity. The "2020 south Guangdong charity and public welfare peers" activity co sponsored by the general Association of Guangdong charity, Guangdong SongQingLing foundation, Guangdong Youth Development Foundation and Guangdong Huayou auction house Co., Ltd. was held in Guangzhou Oriental Hotel. Zhuozhiqiang, Secretary of the leading Party group and director of the Department of civil affairs of Guangdong Province and chairman of the Guangdong Charity Federation, attended the event and delivered a speech. More than 500 leaders, including rentianyang, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Nanfang finance and economics all media group, huangxiaoling, deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial Working Committee on caring for the next generation, responsible comrades of relevant departments and guests from the charity community attended the event

The year 2020 will be the decisive year in the fight against poverty and the end of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. Zhongxiaoming, executive vice president and Secretary General of Guangdong Charity Federation, said: "the activities closely focus on the five civil affairs work systems of Guangdong Provincial Civil Affairs Department, such as' great charity ', to build a platform for more extensive and higher-level communication, co construction and sharing for caring people and charity organizations from all walks of life, widely pool charity forces, help to overcome poverty, and create an annual theme brand of Guangdong charity."

in order to encourage enterprises, individuals and social organizations that have made outstanding contributions in the field of "charity and public welfare", further build and establish the brand of "charity and public welfare" in Guangdong, and carry forward Guangdong's charity culture, the "2020 Guangdong charity and public welfare peers" set up on-site donations, donations, public auction, literary and artistic performances and other means, and issued the "annual charity and public welfare enterprise" and "annual charity and public welfare individual" in 2020 List of the three honors of "charity and public welfare organizations of the year". We hope to set up and publicize an example in the field of charity and public welfare for the whole society. The only difficulty lies in the model of fixture production, forming the values and sense of honor of charity and public welfare, vigorously carrying forward the charity culture, and creating a good atmosphere of charity and public welfare for everyone in the whole society

due to the outstanding contribution made by south Guangdong to poverty alleviation, Nine Dragons Paper was rated as the "annual charitable enterprise that has become an important factor in the performance of safety belts" in 2020. Nine Dragons Paper has always been active in fulfilling the social responsibility, persisting in targeted poverty alleviation for a long time, and has donated more than 230million to the "Guangdong poverty relief day" activities. For ten consecutive years, Nine Dragons Paper has been awarded the "Guangdong poverty relief red cotton cup gold cup" and the honorary Title of "love enterprise with outstanding contributions to the 10th anniversary of Guangdong poverty relief day"

love gathers strength and hopes to achieve the future. Under the leadership and call of chairman Zhang Yin, Nine Dragons Paper will continue to adhere to the charity concept of "everyone's public welfare", follow the enterprise theme of "love the country, love the family and love Nine Dragons", and continue to contribute to the public welfare

at the event site, six public welfare projects, including the care fund for the left behind elderly in rural areas, the rescue and care project for troubled children, the distance philanthropy fund, the tree people art fund, the hope rural teachers' plan, and the small public welfare auction seller fund, were officially launched. It is understood that more than 200 social organizations and charities, 50 caring enterprises and 20 caring families attended the event, and more than 100 caring institutions and individuals showed their public welfare achievements. After the official launch of the joint fund-raising of the six public welfare projects, the public auction and on-site donation were held at the event site. As of December 16, the total fund raised for the "2020 Guangdong charity peer" activity was 52.7258 million

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