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Nine ways to recycle waste plastics at present, there are nine ways to comprehensively utilize waste plastics at home and abroad:

1 fuel oil manufacturing in recent years, a new practical technology -- waste plastic fuel oil recycling technology and process equipment have been successful in Chengdu. This kind of waste plastics recycling factory uses waste plastics, such as food bags, waste woven bags, beverage bottles, plastic soles, wires and cables, foam lunch boxes, plastic toys, etc., to produce high-quality 90, According to the experts, there is no technical problem in cracking waste plastics into fuel oil. However, in terms of actual production, there are no reports and data recorded in China, including Europe, America and Japan, The research in this field can be achieved by determining the appropriate anti stress index value room according to the actual situation in the experiment. However, in practice, the production cost is too high due to the defensive national defense policy, so it is difficult to generate economic benefits. Therefore, it is impossible to carry out large-scale production, so this technical achievement was born in Chengdu, It provides an effective and feasible new technology for the treatment of "white pollution" in China

2 the production of waterproof and antifreeze adhesive uses foamed plastic waste as the base material to produce a variety of multi-purpose indoor and outdoor building decoration water-resistant adhesive paste series products under special formula and process conditions. It is an ideal project with less investment, quick results and competitive energy efficiency to eliminate plastic pollution. Several tons of finished adhesive can be produced per ton of waste, and the minimum packaging is 5kg per ton of adhesive × Based on 200 barrels, the comprehensive production cost is about 3000 yuan, and the selling price is about 6000 yuan. Japan is carrying out the practical research and development of a new technology for preparing chemical raw materials from waste plastics. The method is to heat waste plastics such as PE and PP to 300 ℃ to decompose them into carbon water compounds, and then add a catalyst to synthesize aromatic compounds such as benzene, toluene and xylene. When they react at 525 ℃, 70% of waste plastics can be converted into useful aromatic substances, which can be used as raw materials for chemicals and pharmaceuticals and fuel improvers for gasoline. Other ingredients can be converted into hydrogen and propane

4 to prepare multi-functional resin adhesive. The product has the characteristics of good adhesion, high gloss, high impact resistance, strong acid-base resistance, etc. the daily output is 1 ton, the cost per ton is 2300 yuan, and the market price is 5000 yuan. In industry, it is used to produce all kinds of FRP products, It can greatly reduce the production cost. In addition, it can also make waterproof paint, antirust paint, furniture putty glue and other products, which can replace various glass glue, wood offset printing and brushing glue, and use

5 aluminum plastic automatic separator. Aluminum plastic composite packaging is widely used in food, pharmaceutical and other packaging. With the social progress, the current development status of the domestic plastic machinery industry is that there are low independent innovation ability, few high-grade and personalized special varieties, and the waste is increasing year by year, Because the aluminum-plastic composite can not be granulated, no one cares about recycling, so it can only be incinerated, which not only pollutes the environment but also wastes resources. The aluminum-plastic automatic separator is used to put the waste aluminum-plastic packaging into the container, add water and automatic separator, and the aluminum-plastic packaging will completely separate the aluminum-plastic in about 20 minutes. 0.85 tons of recycled plastic and 0.1 tons of waste aluminum can be separated from each ton of waste aluminum-plastic packaging, and 1 ton of waste aluminum-plastic composite can be recycled every day, Profit in Yuan

6 fireproof decorative panels are widely used in the manufacturing of indoor decorative ceiling furniture. The products not only have colorful appearance, but also have the characteristics of fire prevention, waterproof, corrosion prevention, insulation, non aging and arbitrary curling.

7 recycled particles can be locally enlarged by using special granulation equipment, and waste polyethylene, polypropylene and other plastics can be broken, cleaned, heated, plasticized and extruded, It is an upgraded product of traditional waterproof materials. When it is used on the surface of a house, it is like painting a layer of sodium glass. It has the characteristics of rapid drying, rapid plasticization, fast leveling, strong adhesion, acid and alkali resistance, etc. its service life can reach more than 20 years, and the construction is convenient. It can be constructed all year round without heating, and the cost is low, The profit is high, the cost per ton is yuan, and the market price is 5000 yuan

9. Sangcai Town, Shanting District, Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province uses waste white plastic products to process and produce plastic woven bags, which not only solves the problem of environmental pollution, but also increases the income of farmers. At present, 201 plastic particle processing plants, 23 plastic woven bag plants and 500million woven bags per day have been built in the town, forming a one-stop process of purchase, transportation, processing and printing of waste plastics, With an annual sales volume of 350million yuan, it has attracted more than 6000 rural laborers and become a pillar industry for farmers in the town to become rich

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