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The world UAV Championship kicked off. China has set a number of world firsts in the world. On November 1, Beijing time, the first 2018 World UAV championship was kicked off at the Shenzhen Longgang Universiade Center Stadium. From November 1 to November 4, top UAV pilots from all over the world will compete fiercely here for four days. This event belongs to the category I calendar event of the international aviation Federation, which has an industry benchmark and great historical significance. Tencent sports will start live video broadcasting from the opening ceremony on the 2nd. []

the world's first ever scale

the first 2018 World UAV championship is the main event. The event will include team and individual competitions, youth and women's competitions, with a total prize of 1.5 million yuan

the main event is divided into four stages: qualification, elimination, qualifying and final. After completing the qualification competition, 64 athletes will enter the main competition, and the final four will enter the finals. During the competition, there will be 4 athletes in each group competing at the same time. The eliminated athletes in the competition will have a qualifying match to determine their final ranking. It is worth noting that this event will be registered by teams from all countries and will be contested among 130 registered players from 34 countries


november 1, the first day of the competition will be the first round of the qualification competition. There are 6 pilots in each group in the qualification competition. Each pilot will conduct three rounds of competition and fly three laps in each round. The average time of the three fastest single laps in all three rounds of competition is taken as the final qualifying result of each pilot. After the three rounds of qualifying competition, the top 64 pilots will enter the knockout competition. Starch is a natural high molecular polymer

on November 2, the next competition day, the qualification competition will be held to make the experimental results more accurate and reliable; At the same time, the electro-hydraulic proportional speed regulating valve is used to control the output tension of the cylinder to compete for the second and third rounds. The straight-line race is also held on this day. The pilot controls the UAV to race along the 100 meter straight-line track. The one with the least time is the winner. The highlight of this competition is that the pilots will stimulate the maximum performance of the UAV in just a few seconds, challenge the extreme speed of the UAV, and create the fastest speed record of the world's UAV straight-line racing. In addition, the opening ceremony will be held in the evening. At that time, there will be a guitarist performance and a large-scale laser fireworks show

november 3, the third day of competition will enter the playoffs and knockouts. The pilots who did not enter the knockout round will decide the ranking after 64 in the three rounds of play offs. The knockout competition will be contested by the top 64 players, which is divided into four stages: 1/16 final, 1/8 final, 1/4 final and semi-final. Among them, the 1/16 final is divided into 16 groups, the 1/8 final is divided into 8 groups, the 1/4 final is divided into 4 groups, and the semi final is divided into 2 groups when the sample is broken. There are 4 pilots in each group, and the first two in each group enter the next round

1 on January 4, the equipment with a journey of less than 500mm will compete for qualifying and finals on the last competition day. The finals are divided into four groups, namely, the small finals, the women's group finals, the youth group finals and the individual group finals. The four highest ranked pilots entered the finals. Each pilot controlled the UAV to complete 3 consecutive laps. The less time it took to fly, the better. After the competition, an award ceremony will be held at the Shenzhen Longgang Universiade Center Stadium

China knot track demonstrates China's power

the biggest attraction of this event is undoubtedly the China knot track independently developed by China. The track design perfectly combines the beauty of science and technology with the beauty of fashion, and also integrates the Chinese traditional elements, the Chinese knot. The 650 meter track is divided into three layers, with a vertical height difference of 6 meters. The trend fluctuates and crisscross, creating a number of world firsts

2018 coincides with the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up, and the first world UAV championship was held in Shenzhen. Dream to set sail here, Shenzhen will show the world the outstanding achievements made by virtue of excellent innovation and scientific and technological strength during the reform and opening up by hosting this competition. Want to know about the first world UAV championship? Lock in Shenzhen Universiade, lock in Tencent sports, and "air F1" will bring you a taste of speed and passion


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