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Nine tips for emergency repair of construction machinery

in case of sudden failure of construction machinery during operation or driving, simple repair method shall be adopted to make it run or function reliably. This year, I took my students to graduate for internship. I happened to encounter a ty-220 bulldozer whose engine suddenly stalled during operation. During disassembly and inspection, it was found that the connecting rod bearing of the engine was burnt out. As there was no replacement of parts on site, the repair welding was carried out by soldering tin, and then the surface was repaired to a smooth, flat and appropriate size with a knife. After cleaning, the diesel engine was installed, and the diesel engine resumed its work

2. Leakage stoppage

the construction machinery has been used for a long time, which will cause oil leakage, high-frequency exhaustion of the relevant data of the experimental machine, water leakage and air leakage. The emergency leakage stoppage is more suitable for the construction machinery that can effectively prolong the service life of the experimental machine. Because of its limited working space, the hydraulic or diesel oil tank is prone to leakage due to collision. Once this happens, it can be patched with epoxy resin glue or coated with soap for emergency plugging. If there is a hole, it can be entertained with a wooden plug, and tied with iron wire or rope if necessary. In case of oil leakage due to loose pipe joint, the random raw tape can be used to wrap a circle around the thread and tighten it

3. Replacement

during field operation of construction machinery, spare parts of vulnerable parts shall be brought as much as possible to facilitate emergency replacement. If the seal of the cooling water pump of the diesel engine is worn and aged due to the water seal, the water pump will leak. After replacing the new water seal, the water pump will return to normal. Of course, the hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic pump are almost blank in most places; On the other hand, in recent years, China's industry has developed rapidly or hydraulic valves have been repaired by replacing their seals, which are more effective. In addition, it is easier and more convenient to replace the component assembly, such as replacing the diesel filter or hydraulic oil filter

4. Binding

when a bolt on the construction machinery is broken or cannot be fastened due to sliding buckle, cables, iron wires and wooden rods can be considered to be used for binding, so as to temporarily restore the operation state. For example, when the pneumatic mechanism of type 74 excavator was damaged in the second test, its front axle could not be connected, and the off-road performance of the machine decreased, so that its suspension hydraulic cylinder could not be locked. When the front axle needs to be connected, the fork shaft can be separated from the air cylinder and pushed inward, and then fixed after one circle of the fork shaft, so as to ensure the drive of the front axle. Similarly, if the air pressure of the suspension hydraulic cylinder or brake mechanism decreases or there is no air pressure, this first aid method can be taken

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