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Analysis: special tower crane adapts to the changing market

analysis: special tower crane adapts to the changing market

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Guide: Claus Hartmann used to be the sales manager of Wolff offshore crane in the southeast market. With the help of the reputation developed during this career, he established his own company in 1999, which was named lion cranes. Based on 25 years of experience, his simple philosophy

claus Hartmann was a sales manager in the southeast market of Wolff offshore crane. With the help of the reputation developed during this career, he established his own company in 1999, which was named lion cranes

based on 25 years of experience, his Jane can carry out process qualification test of materials or products. The single philosophy is that products adapt to the changing market

hartmann explained: "What we provide is a lifting operation scheme. Due to the different properties of waste plastics of different materials, we aim to help users solve problems. We can provide users with technical support at any stage, comprehensively review the supply scheme of cranes, and finally produce high-quality cranes in the factories designated by users, as well as undertake after-sales services, no matter what type of cranes or how comprehensive the requirements are."

hartmann emphasized that roaring lion crane company has the ability to produce qualified cranes locally together with parts suppliers

what he means is that it is no longer practical to produce cranes in Europe and then transport them to Singapore, for example. In this way, not only the freight is high, but also the production cost of the crane is very expensive. Secondly, an increasingly important factor is the different market restrictions in different countries. For example, in developing countries, the choice of crane is often a political decision. In order to support the development of regional economy, the government will support the production of local cranes. The third is safety. In order to reduce the major accidents caused by the aging of cranes, the law often requires to reduce the service life of cranes. Sometimes some old cranes are imported from abroad

however, as Hartmann explained, his users will get basic support from lion roar company in selecting a reasonable lifting logistics scheme and crane design. Users can have their own manufacturing workshop where they can produce simple crane parts, but they are willing to use the core components provided by well-known overseas suppliers, such as hoist, electric steering mechanism and slewing ring. In this case, Hartmann and his team will use their knowledge of the market and collective design experience to support users in building a special crane

in order to simplify inspection and maintenance, the boom of the crane can be completely lowered to the ground

on the basis of adopting the most advanced software and extensive understanding of the industry, Houshi crane company will promote the harmonious development of society and provide the calculation of crane structure, machinery, system and design according to international standards and the special requirements of users

for example, Hartmann reviewed the turntable design for the Single Jib slewing crane made by roaring lion crane company and used it in the humid working environment of the Asian wharf. Hartman said, "we are very familiar with the tropical environment in which cranes work in South Asia shipyards, so we put forward our suggestions based on our long-term experience."

in this scheme, if the winch mechanism is installed in a closed machine room, it will generate heat during operation. In addition, the damp heat generated by the humid climate will corrode the machine, which is a real danger. Therefore, a forced cooling system should be installed. Hartmann chose the open machine room design scheme. In addition to the control room on the turntable, only the electric box is sealed and waterproof

after investigating the design of most economical cranes, Hartman firmly believes that the single boom wharf crane should be assembled from the important parts of the large boom tower crane. Now the boom tower cranes with a lifting capacity of more than 2000t are under design, so the basic parts used by these cranes can also be used on shipbuilding cranes, such as slewing ring, turntable and rail traveling trolley. These parts can be conveniently used on wharf cranes with light weight, long boom and cylindrical tower columns, and can be installed on different gate seats to meet the needs of different wharves. Of course, the design scheme of this modular crane must meet the regulatory requirements of wharf crane and construction crane at the same time

the crane composed of components with light weight, compact structure and easy installation and disassembly can reduce the installation cost of the crane for roar lion shipbuilding crane users

the roaring lion general boom crane operating at the wharf is classified as non permanent equipment, so the financial leasing company can provide financial support for this kind of crane, just like the support for construction cranes

the use of off the shelf crane parts can also shorten the delivery time and technical preparation time

the lion roar boom construction tower crane can be installed with standard rope drum and medium speed winch which are mainly used for shipbuilding cranes, and can also be installed with high rope drum and high speed winch which are often used for ultra-high construction cranes

following the form of Wolff single arm shipbuilding crane, roaring lion crane optimized the design of the crane and produced structural parts with light overall weight. Hartmann said that the recently delivered Shihou 1900ll crane has a lifting capacity of 50t at 38m and 18t at 90m, which is 30t lighter than the competitor's single jib crane

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