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Alison Rowat's TV preview: Kathy Burke: Money Talks; Long Lost Family; RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival - Today News Post Today News || UK News

KATHY Burke is not your average documentary maker. She does a lot of effing and jeffing on camera for a start. Then there are the endless demands for cups of tea from her interviewees (surely it is up to her to keep them sweet?) And did I mention she once picked up the best actress award at Cannes?

You can learn all this and much more from Kathy Burke: Money Talks (Channel 4, Monday, 10pm). In it, the actor-director famous for Nil By Mouth (the Cannes winner), Gimme Gimme Gimmelargely lifted restrictions on businesses and small gatherings ove, and Harry Enfield and Chums sets out to discover who is really better off, those with money or those without. If the answer is rather obvious:1619173444859,, there is many an interesting highway and byway explored along the way. What Burke does have in common with the finest documentary makers is that she is able to get the best out of peoples second wave in December.

The film is in two one-hour partsTrucker convoy organizers' coalition proposal 'a non-starter,' expert says - Today News Post, simply titled “rich” and “poor” (“poor” will go on All 4 immediately after). Her first stop is Surrey and a visit to Alfie Best, who made his money (£340 million give or take) from caravan parks. Between the stream of luxury cars in his driveway, his huge house and his helicopter, it is fair to say that Mr Best is a flash sort of chap. Yet he still works hard, and for one reason above all others: he is terrified of being poor again. Having grown up in a Romany family with nothing, he knows more than most what poverty feels like. RELATED: Nearly 100% of students, faculty and staff at Western are vaccinated, officials say | CBC News

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